New Rule !

New Rule !

First Amendment Has been Suspended First Amendment Has been Suspended

" many as 40,000 barrels of oil have been flowing daily..."

“…as many as 40,000 barrels of oil have been flowing daily…”

Gulf oil spill figures may be double earlier estimates Richard Simon, Betina Boxall and Margot Roosevelt June 11, 2010 Reporting from Washington and Los Angeles Government scientists said Thursday that as many as 40,000 barrels of oil have been flowing daily from the blown-out BP well, doubling earlier estimates and greatly expanding the scope of […]

'What BP Doesn't want us to see'

‘What BP Doesn’t want us to see’

BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare from our friends at Good Morning America

"It's not a leak, it's a volcano spewing oil"

“It’s not a leak, it’s a volcano spewing oil”

Amateur Video Of Gulf Oil Slick – Worse Than BP Admits Video is from Alabama resident John Wathen as a volunteer pilot flew him over the area where the oil rig sank. Officials have stopped guessing at the amount of oil leaking although some speculate it may be closer to 1 million gallons per day. […]

Gulf Coast Cataclysm

Gulf Coast Cataclysm

The Visionary Activist – All Oil is Spilled – Gulf Coast Cataclysm: Convening the Council of Reverent Ingenuity to animate our cultural leadership response to the Gulf Coast obscene oil cataclysm Caroline Casey welcomes Dune Lankard, Atabaskan Eyak from Copper River Delta in Alaska, conservation economies derived from long-term unresolved impacts of Exxon Valdez disaster. […]