'What BP Doesn't want us to see'

‘What BP Doesn’t want us to see’

BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare from our friends at Good Morning America

Powder River Rail Loop

Replacing Coal with Solar Takes Less Space and Less Energy!

Don Blankenship’s – Massey Coal, subject of the book “Coal River”, is the operator of a “cut and fill” mining operation in West Virginia, where the Clean Water Act’s protections for “blue line” seasonal streams are ignored by mountaintop removal — with the debris and toxic waste dumped into valleys, blue line streams, and toxic […]

Amory Lovins with Real World Energy Solutions !

Amory Lovins with Real World Energy Solutions !

[viddler id=a2b304a0&w=437&h=370] Amory Lovins is cofounder of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Here in an interview with Charlie Rose, Lovins gives leveled headed information and statistics about energy ideas and solutions. July 15, 2008, www.charlierose.com

The Wave Maaaan it's the Wave !

The Wave Maaaan it’s the Wave !