Silvonic Colloidal Silver Generator

Price: $139.00

The Silvonic Colloidal Silver Generator makes highest quality Ionic Colloidal Silver using 99.99% pure silver electrodes. It has variable ppm (strength) settings and shuts itself off automatically when it reaches the desired strength. Using the SWAP method that alternates the current, the electrodes will have very little build-up and the water needs no stirring.

This CS generator uses the most advanced circuitry available to the home brewer. While looking more like a kit than our other CS generators (eg RSG-3 or SilverPulser), it surpasses them with the SWAP method that produces the smallest size silver particles and the most ions. It also detects in a unique manner the concentration of silver in solution and stops at the target ppm. While you do not need a meter to make excellent CS, we provide one with our introductory kit offer.

With the two included 12 gauge U-shaped 99.99% pure silver rods, the Silvonic can produce around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS.

Replacement rods cost $25 per pair.