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S  O  N  G    O  F    S  I  G  H  T:

An Introduction to Soul Passage Midwifery
.           Patricia L’Dara
Soul Passage Midwife
COPYRIGHT:  Patricia L’Dara, 2012
All Rights Reserved
Cover Artwork and Design:  Valerie Chelonis
Story Behind the Painting: Isis-Mari, Womb of Heaven. “Enter the Temple of Isis-Mari
and experience sacred space, a gift from the Goddess, where the Divine Feminine is
honored.  Realize your inner divinity and wholeness. Come; enter the Temple of Your
Heart.”  Within the Temple sits the Goddess Isis-Mari, who is Sky Goddess and Earth
Mother, the Divine Feminine creatrix energy that nourishes and sustains us all.  She lives
in your heart.  Come home to her loving embrace.
Valerie Chelonis is an artist, visionary, and healer.  She has been involved in metaphysics
and alternative healing for over 30 years.  Valerie has been gifted with the ability to bring
forth different forms of light, love and energy into her creative life, primarily in the forms
of painting and jewelry.  She can be reached at or
for the Sacred Feminine
in memory of my mother Jane
in honor of my daughter Serena

To the many beautiful Spirit Beings who have inspired, informed and supported this
work in extraordinary ways:

Parmahansa Yogananda
Angel of Blessing
Archangel Azreal
Quan Yin
Butterfly Maiden
Sush Al’Mundra
Archangel Gabrielle
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Sandalphon
Angel of Mercy
White Eagle
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Raziel
White Tara
To Lama Kalsang and Chief Cloudpiler for their encouragement on the path.
To Sharry Edwards and Steve Koral, earth angels who saved my life this time around.
To Valerie Chelonis for her stunning cover artwork and design.
To friends who have given important feedback:  Yvonne Short, Jim White, Judy Baylin-
Stern, Cy Rinkel, Paula Henderson and Suzanne Plave (who found the through line).
To Maia Nartoomid, Rebecca Browning, Arlen Bock, Simeon Nartoomid, Paula Lent for
sharing the intuitive insight (all in the same month) that it was time for me to write this
To the amazing souls who have trusted and deeply shared their passages with me.
T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
21 October 1993        1
16 June 1995         2
10 June 2010         3
Chapter 1:  Mom        6
Chapter 2:  Expanding Awareness      13

Introduction         40
Chapter 3:  Releasing, Deepening, Expanding
Chapter 4:  Death Passage as Creative Process    57
Chapter 5:  Interdimensional Communication    75
Chapter 6:  Meditative Focus       97
Chapter 7:  Techniques of Spiritual Beings and Angelic Presences  105
Chapter 8:  Personal Application      117

20 September 2011
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About the Author          132
P  R  O  L  O  G  U  E

21 OCTOBER 1993
Bethesda, Maryland

As I beheld my mom in the arms of the Christ there were no words to describe the utter
relief and joy unbounded that were mine.  The Living Reality of the Greater World was
sealed in my being forever.  Love Eternal that the Christ represented ignited a flame that
will never die.
Simultaneously, my mind exploded into a million directions at once.  How is it that we
have any fear of “death” whatever?  When did the world shift to life in the parched desert
rather than the ever blossoming garden that is meant to be ours?  If people actually
understood the True Reality there would incredible celebration at the time of “death”.
How do we bring this breathless beauty into our lives?  Could I describe in words what I
was seeing and experiencing?  Our world is in crisis.  What if we could embrace the
Greater World as our way off of this precipice, how would that change our journey?
I also realized while in this awareness that True Beings are just that.  They exude love
wherever they go.  It is not that they have to try to do this.  It is rather that they are of the
Essence of Love and they simply act from this Living Awareness.  Whomever is the
representative at the moment brings love to bear on the situation be it the Christ, Mari
Magdalene, Quan Yin, the Buddha, Krishna, Kali, White Eagle or a loved one meeting us
at the time of our crossing.  My mother was a protestant, an Episcopalian.  She would
want the Christ to meet her.  And he did.  He did so exuding all the precious, impervious,
peaceful Living Love that a being could share.  The clarity and simplicity of His being
were astounding and yet, readily mine.
With that I returned to take care of all the tasks awaiting me on this earth plane.  I could
share this with no one because no one would believe it.  My heart broke yet again.
I was not able to stay at my mother’s funeral service because at the last minute my dad,
who was recovering from a massive stroke, needed to leave.  By the time I could return
everyone was at the cemetery.  Perhaps this was wise.  If I had been present and had
spoken, the Living Essence would have poured through my lips in celebration.

16 JUNE 1995
A death passage is a sacred birth celebrated by Spirit.  While we may grieve the loss of a
loved one, we can also celebrate the higher vibratory emergence which one’s death
passage signifies.
20 JUNE 2010
Soul Passage Midwifery has its roots in ancient times.  Priestesses were trained in the arts
and mystical skills necessary for assisting souls to pass GENTLY through portal ways.  In
current times, not only have the ancient spiritual arts of mystery schools disappeared, but
also people have lost conscious awareness of their souls and their lessons.  With the
revival of these ancient arts, people will again feel keen connection with their souls,
understand the process of death passage and feel connected with Source.  It will be much
to the advantage of all to have this understanding.
Soul Perspective

P A R T   I:   A C R O JS S    T H E   V E I L

P A R T   I:   I N T R O D U C T I O N
“Eternal life” is a large concept inviting deep understanding.  What exactly might these
words mean in the context of losing someone to a death passage?  If we could each paint
a more accurate picture of the Great Beyond, might we find incredible solace in this
better understanding?  While millions of Americans profess to believe in “eternal life”,
when a loved one “dies,” often there is only the aspect of loss that confronts the psyche.
Grief explodes like a tenacious octopus strangling our senses and our hearts.  We are then
left to grapple with this assault by ourselves devoid of the deep spiritual insight which is
our birthright.  Somewhere in our collective psyche “eternal life” seems to have gotten
packed away in a box and put in the attic as if it is not relevant to our purpose or to our
people.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is relevant now and in our future.
What is needed is for each of us to come to a belief and an understanding that speaks
personally to our hearts.  Then we have not only a map to help guide us through the rocky
terrain but also something larger than ourselves which provides assistance and assurance.
Indeed, in my experience, secure in a profound awareness of aspects of “eternal life,” we
can move quickly through grief to deeply experience the stunning celebration which is
inherent in the process of death passage.
If we wish to internalize the concept of “eternal life” we have to have a belief that feels
tangible to explore which gives relevance to the Unseen World.  Thus far we have used
these words as intellectual concepts only which fit nicely with an image of a highly
educated society but do nothing to support our loved ones and families at the time of a
most challenging passage.  The raw truth is that each one of us goes through this passage.
Rather than an after thought, it is of the highest priority to garner as accurate an
understanding as possible and integrate it into our personal and collective belief systems.
We do not have to wait until it is “our time” to give closer inspection.  In fact, the sooner
we give this belief our full personal attention the better for us as individuals and our
In the pages that follow are messages from souls who have crossed over, accounts of my
witnessing the process of crossing over as a daughter and Soul Passage Midwife, as well
as perspectives to help us examine the topic of death passage through different eyes.  The
doors that can open with this study lead to a much greater understanding about whom we
are and where we are going.  This weaving of seen and Unseen Worlds at the time of
death passage brings a deeper understanding of “eternal life” as well as an incredible
beauty that does not fade.  As the seeds of Holiness within begin to sprout, the walk to the
Other Side becomes a joyful expression of Divine intent.
With the dissolution of the walls of forgetting within you, you will remember who you
truly are.  You become integrated with your greater self and feel the lightness and
vastness of it.  Thus death, contrary to popular opinion, is a very wonderful experience.
Hands of Light, Barbara Brennan

C H A P T E R   O N E
M  O   M

George Washington Hospital, Washington DC, October 1993
Patricia:  “Mom, I have some difficult news.  Dad has a stroke.  He is at Suburban
Hospital.  Bob and Jim are with him.  I will stay with you.”
Mom:  “Oh, oh, I need to be with him.  But, I cannot.  What is to become of us? Thank
you for staying with me.”
With this situation our lives are hurled into yet again more upheaval.  Both of my parents
are now in separate hospitals an hour apart from each other their conditions so serious
that neither can be moved.  I have been staying in Washington D.C. to be close to my
mother.  Starting today I shall visit my mother in the morning, visit my dad in the
afternoon, return to say good night to my mother and collapse in bed at the hotel.
My father’s stroke was nearly fatal.  My mother has advanced stages of leukemia.  The
shock of this is intense.  I know I will have to be careful to care for myself in whatever
small ways I can to insure that I can see each of them each day.  My sound is on my ears
at all times in all of the pollution.  I prepare all organic food and carry it with me each
day.  My room at the hotel is almost homey by now.  I have been there for nearly two
months.  It is purified.  I have beeswax candles and a small flower; a beautiful altar.  Yoga
is a must each day.  I always walk to the hospital although Mom fears it is too dangerous.
After that ride to who knows where in the taxi one late night I would rather walk.  And
besides, I love the exercise.
The health food store is only two blocks from the hospital.  Today I will get a carrot juice
on my way to visit Mom.  When I enter it is beautiful, small and quaint the way Old
Georgetown homes can be.  Garrison Kellior is on the radio with Prarie Home
Companion.  I actually laugh out loud as others are doing in the various isles.  It is
peaceful and nurturing.  When I reenter the glorious fall day I am encircled by the
blooming yellow chrysanthemums outside.  They radiate enormous love which spirals in,
around and through me. My heart soars.  I breathe in fully and say thank you.  Such
amazing support forthcoming from the natural world; no one would believe it.  I
thoroughly enjoy my walk in the brilliant sunshine.   When I get on the elevator at the
hospital, a doctor asks “What are you listening to?” I reply, “I am listening to the
frequency of oxygen.  It has saved my life many times.”  The look I receive is
unbelievably hilarious.   When I get to my mother’s room she asks “Do you have your
sound?” I think, boy, times have changed, remembering the five years I did not see my
parents because they were certain I had lost my mind using sound as a healing path rather
than the Mao Clinic.
As I sit with mom today the infusion of brilliant golden light through the window is
astonishing.  It permeates every ounce of the room and our every cell.  I think she might
just fly out the window.  We look at each other deeply.  The love that passes between us is
pure and unadulterated.  These moments are precious.  Even though we have been doing
this for two months, it does not seem like it can ever be enough.
On September 20 I give Mom a gift for her birthday.  I wanted it to be something
beautiful she could use in the bed where she spends all of her hours now so I chose a
white silk shawl she could put around her shoulders to keep warm.  Maybe it could bring
some joy and comfort I had thought when I placed the order.  Tears roll down her cheeks
when she opens the present.  I help her put the shawl around her shoulders.  In two
minutes or less she says it will make her happier if I wear it and gives it back to me.
One day when Mom is feeling a bit better I realize she has never seen any of my
performances since I moved to Colorado.   She knows an article just appeared in a
magazine so I bring it in for her to see.  The cover is bright and colorful with my picture
and she says “there is that beautiful face I love” and closes her eyes.
A doctor arrives and wants to do yet another test.  Mom asks if it will help her get well.
He says he doesn’t know.  She declines.  After all of the radiation and multitude of
extremely painful tests she is no closer to getting well.
In mid-October we are greeted with yet another surprise.
Physician:  “Your mother is in remission.  She has to leave the hospital.”
Mom:  “If I am in remission, why can’t I walk?”
Physician: “Please find a nursing facility.”
Mom: “I would like to go home.”
Thud!  My mind is rapidly doing the logistics.  Round the clock care for both Mom and
Dad.   How would that even be possible?  I tell Mom that I will think about it and see
if we can find a solution.  As only a little time goes by it is incredibly apparent that it is
impossible to take Mom home.  I feel badly for I would love to do that for both of my
parents.  It seems really sad to abruptly leave home one day and never go back.  I talk
with Mom and she realizes, too, that it is just not possible.  We settle on trying to go to a
nursing facility where both she and my father can be in the same place.  I go with friends
to look at some recommended facilities.  Despair grips my heart but I know I must keep
Nursing Facility, Bethesda, Maryland
Today Mom is moving to the nursing facility in Bethesda, Maryland.  Dad may be able to
go within a week’s time.  When I arrive at the hospital, Mom looks stunningly beautiful!
Her bald head is so perfectly shaped and her brilliant blue eyes sparkle with purity and
depth.  I am surprised and think, “oh, maybe she IS getting better!”  The blue and white
night gown, robe and blue cap look lovely.  I am so glad I could get them and had time to
alter the things that she needed to change.   Mom will ride in an ambulance and I will
bring the car.  She leaves.  My stomach is in knots as I go to get the car to drive to the
nursing facility.    When I arrive the private room feels very empty but I feel hopeful that
we can fix that.  The nurses try to be welcoming for which I am grateful.  There is a tall,
beautiful large window so natural light comes in.  That is a big plus.

When my dad is a bit better, he too is moved to the nursing facility.  He is up on the
second floor; my mother is down on the first.  Our goal now is for the two of them to see
each other.  Neither is really well enough to even wheel down the corridor but my dad is
certain he will rally.  The day arrives, the nurses help dad into the wheel chair.  He is
visibly exhausted from making the shift from the bed.  He gets his bearings and we all
move into the corridor.  The nurse moves ever so gently and slowly.  We arrive at Mom’s
room and her bed is propped up as far as she can tolerate.  The nurse wheels Dad over to
Mom’s bed.  They take each other’s hands and look into one another’s eyes.  Tears grip
everyone.  So much has transpired.  There are no words.   “I love you,” says dad.  “I love
you,” says mom.  We stay for a few moments with tears streaming down our faces and
then it is apparent that neither of them can tolerate any more.  Dad is slowly returned to
his room.  “We did it!” he exclaims.  “Maybe tomorrow,” he says hoping for another
opportunity as he gratefully sinks into bed.
The next day when I see Mom flowers have arrived.  This beautiful bouquet of red roses
is a treasured gift from a life long friend.  The room brightens considerably.   I have to
run an errand and am stalled with a car problem.  When I call the nursing home, the
nurses say that my mother has taken a turn for the worse and it is only a matter of time.  I
call the minister and he comes to bless her. My brother Jim is present.  Both the minister
and my brother are gone by the time I return.  Additional flowers now grace the window
sill I notice. They are stunning purple and white orchids which a friend lovingly grew in
his home.
The family gathers.  Dear friends arrive.  Everyone takes turns visiting both Mom and
Dad.  Hugs and tears are shared readily.  Warm smiles bolster each of us.  After a time I
begin to feel my mother becoming very sensitive to noise and talking.  She is ready for
people to leave.  As they depart and I realize that she is actually going to go soon, I break
down sobbing.  The nurses take me to another room where I cry my heart out.  The ache
seems like a chasm larger than the size of the Grand Canyon.
When I return to Mom’s room I am speechless and utterly amazed with the Profound
Radiance present.  The orchids are pulsing majestically with their purple and white colors
stretching all the way to the ceiling and over to Mom’s bed like crystals reflecting the

sunlight.  Angels filled with vast love are surrounding her.  The exquisite beauty
emanating from my mother is astounding.  Just a moment ago all I could see was a
ravaged woman struggling for breath.  Now, she is brimming with youth and vitality.  The
brilliance is palpable.  How this vibrant life can actually be, I wonder, but have no time to
contemplate.  I quickly move to Mom’s bedside and without any forethought begin
spontaneously singing.  This brings closeness and a security for both of us.   Since she is
in severe pain and cannot tolerate to be touched, singing is the thread that weaves all
together.  I sing of the joy we have shared, thank her for all she has done, that she will go
forward first then help us when it is our time, and include songs and hymns that she
loved.  A dear friend joins me and we continue singing together.   As Mom’s time draws
near I feel the intensity of the energy change dramatically compelling us to sing more and
more quickly with a gospel-like rhythm.
Suddenly, I am immersed in another world, the Greater World.  I don’t know how I got
here but I am walking with my mother in my arms in a dense fog.  While I don’t feel I
necessarily know where we are going, it feels like I have been here many times before.
In fact, it feels more familiar than regular earth living.  My internal sonar guides the way
with strength and certainty.  At the bedside I continue singing to my mom.  In my third
eye I watch as we are walking in the Greater World.  In the fog we come to a large,
golden bridge and begin walking over it.  My mother and I do not talk.  We are immersed
in the Sacred Silence that rings with purity and living intelligence.  From the profound
depths of the silence splendid angelic music begins to surround, infuse and embrace us.
About midway across the bridge, the fog suddenly clears and the Christ appears in a
white robe radiating a gentle, peaceful, joyous welcome.  No words can describe the
vastness of the Love which pours into us at this moment.  As I pass my mother to the
outstretched arms of the Christ, I am filled with celestial celebration.  My mother is
Home.  I am amazed and grateful.  Also, I know my mother will be fine.  What a comfort.

Abruptly my older brother comes to the bedside and calls to me.  I open my eyes.  He
says, “Would you like to go eat?”  I shake my head no and the family leaves. Thirst
overtakes me so I run to quickly get a drink.  As I am returning the loud speaker roars my
name so I immediately dash back to my mom’s room.  She has quit breathing.  I sit alone
with her for a long while.  When family returns from dinner, I go upstairs to tell my

And now here is my secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is
essential is invisible to the eye.
Little Prince, Antoine Saint Exupery
C H A P T E R   T W O
E X P A N D I N G   A W A R E N E S S
Following the experience with my mother, I discovered that I could be present in
expanded consciousness with anyone crossing the veil either in person or long distance,
thus Soul Passage Midwifery was born.  Desire of the soul making the journey is the
singular requirement.  If any being would like accompaniment then s/he will invite my
presence for whatever portion of the passage which s/he would like.  If not, no matter the
desires of the family, there will be no contact.
I frequently work with souls long distance.  It is not unusual to accompany a soul for a
specific portion of her journey either before or after the actual crossing.  In this way,
messages can be transmitted to loved ones.  Many souls have specific questions and once
these are answered they move on quickly.
A Soul Passage Midwife is in a unique position to experience many things related to the
crossing.  The following glimpses demonstrate the important nature of expanding
awareness surrounding death passage.  These snapshots come in the forms of poetry,
song, vision and/or instruction.   In 2010 a stunning development made it clear that Soul
Passage Midwives can escort souls to their new homes prior to the actual death passage,
likened to a dress rehearsal.  How things will develop from here I do not know but
this is a fascinating process to hold in our psyches.  It is clear we cannot “think” our way
through the dying process.  Open hearts are the basis for moving forward with clarity and
purpose.  To honor each of the souls who has shared a portion of the journey, each begins
on a new page.
A portion of this soul’s preparation poem reveals what can be expected in her crossing.   I
am in Colorado and she is in Maryland.  My time with her is in the Greater World in

In this example, Gladys comes to know her Greater Self, resolving the dilemma of not
being able to cross the threshold or to stay in this world.  We connect through meditation
and all of my time with her is in the Greater World in June of 1997.
Saturday:  I pray for Gladys and place heather in the prayer basket to help her connect
with her soul.  Although I can feel her presence, it is difficult and feels as if she is heavily
Sunday: I find Gladys encased in unworthiness which is extremely thick and resembles
the Great Wall of China, immoveable and impenetrable. I wash her feet, brush her hair,
and oil her body.  With supreme honoring I surround her in beauty through draping her in
beautiful cloth, placing flowers, and lighting candles. When I sing, Gladys responds with
a feeling of wonder and peaceful joy.
Monday: Gladys says she is afraid to go forward because she is afraid God will be as
punishing and mean as her abusive husband.  I call in Divine Mother and Mary.  I offer
Tonglen, the Buddhist practice of breathing in another’s pain and breathing out love.
Thursday: I see Gladys sitting quietly in a chair.
Wednesday the following week:  I see a still bell in an archway
Midnight: Gladys pops in to see me smiling and walking with a walker.  I invite her to sit
and she does so in a pink chair.  Suddenly, she jumps up with glee, arches back, feet
doubled up behind her as in a dance.  She sits back in the chair and we touch foreheads.

Gladys shares that she felt enormous relief when I did Tonglen for her so she would like
to learn the process.  Together we do Tonglen for a person preparing to cross, Jane.  Jane
responds readily.   Gladys then connects with her mother in the spirit world and is very
excited to see her. On the earth plane my four year old daughter cries; Gladys stays with
me to comfort her as she lovingly remembers her own children.
Wednesday Evening the following week
Gladys is still in physical form.  She needs assistance.  I offer the Melchizedek Prayer.
Gladys says she wants to enjoy the love of children before she moves on.  I offer
Tonglen, Phowa, calling in Divine Mother, chanting. The Wall of China then becomes a
flower garden; a beautiful living, vibrant, nourishing, breathing garden.
Following morning
I learn that Gladys passed the night prior.

Suicide presents a very delicate situation.  And yet, the love and considerable
thoughtfulness of Source allow for delicate change.  The depth of caring is very apparent
in the following example one week following the soul passage.  I do not know until after
the reading that this crossing is the result of teen suicide in October 2009.
Sunaya with LOVE holding
Stillness in the night
Realigning, soft sounds of comfort
Angelic cocoon surrounding her light
Dim and confused, relaxing day by day
Process unfolding, moving in little ways
Like a babe in the Mother’s Womb.
In August of 1997 my older brother, Jim, appears to me in the etheric world.   I am in
Colorado when he appears in my bedroom; physically he is in Maryland.  It is Friday
night.  The ghastly appearance of the ultra sickened colors of brown, black, putrid green
and yellow of his spirit squeezes the life out of me.  He stands in front of me saying
nothing.  I am in a panic knowing it is a call for help but not knowing what to do.
Emotionally devastated and drained I feel I can do nothing.
Saturday morning I contact a friend and we begin trying to find Jim.  No one knows
where he is.  Finally on Monday morning I call a hospital nearby his home and the nurse
tells me he “expired” on Sunday night.
Jim had been intent on drinking himself to death in spite of all the family and friends who
tried to help him see otherwise.  We all wished we could somehow find a way to relieve
the intense suffering.  Many detox treatments later we clung to hope for a miracle.   He
could have died on the streets and we would never have known.  Jim’s last moments were
in a place where people were caring for him.  That was the miracle.
I know today, in 2011, that my soul helped Jim to find his Spirit home and can rest in this
knowledge.  Whether I am personally aware on the earth plane or not, this is the mission
of my soul.  I am very grateful for this profound gift.

Don is aging and does not wish to go through the humiliation of physically declining.  He
hangs himself in 2008.
When I meet Don in the Greater World, he is filled with such intense remorse that no one
can get near him.  He is like a severely wounded wild animal.  My soul touches in lightly
to keep track of his minute progress throughout the day awaiting an opportunity to get
closer.  After about six hours my soul is able to sit beside him.  We say nothing.  I sit for a
seemingly long time continuously sending deep love. Gently, I eventually begin talking
with him.  Many light beings surround Don and me holding us in eternal awareness.
Finally, I am able to tenderly put my arm around him.  We continue to sit quietly for a
long while.  When Don is able to stand, I escort him to the angelic presences that help
provide care for this fractured being.

Gabrielle has cancer and can no longer stay here.  She does not want to leave the earth
plane and in particular, does not wish to leave her children.  My time with her is in the
Greater World in 2010.
18 December
I spend a long time with Gabrielle today.  This is our third session.  She sobs and sobs
and sobs in my arms.  I focus on Holding the Presence with Gabrielle in the Holy Temple,
a practice which Yogananda shared with me which is the container for the entire process.
I share Tonglen from the Buddhist tradition in which I breathe in Gabrielle’s pain and
breathe out love.  It is very powerful.  Kali from the Hindu tradition appears to purify
destructive thoughts.  Archangel Jophiel works to help Gabrielle see beauty in all its
dimensions and forms.  Other Light Beings bring gifts.  I prepare to suggest the
“transference of consciousness”.  Immediately upon the thought, the Christ appears to
place the “ever abiding Peace which passeth all understanding” into her heart.  She takes
it in deeply and begins connecting with hearts all over the world becoming the one heart.
When I leave Gabrielle is resting peacefully in the Holy Temple with many angelic
beings watching over her.  My soul will stay with her until she passes.
I receive an email later in December 2010 that Gabrielle has passed.

Following the crossing of an elder at the Anam Chara Home in Boulder, Colorado, I
received this beautiful poem.  Gini had lived at Anam Chara for two years.  She had
crossed earlier in the day in August 2010.

Gini, with PEACE, with LOVE holding
The Flame from the Throne above
Old friends, new friends, families of Light
She flew into hands with absolute delight
Storms past, remembered no more
Gracefully moved through the Door
Of Eternal Life, the coveted realm
No need for tears, no need to dwell
In the land of sorrows as if she fell!!
She sends her love, appreciation and praises
To Anam Chara staff with joy that blazes
A path for others to follow true
It is set with intention and holds like glue


“Follow the course, be bold and strong
Nothing can stop the amazing True Song”
For family, friends and all gifts shared
Live life to the fullest, life with a flair
Bring each experience as deep as you dare
The caring endures, the praises sing
The joy unbounded flies with wings
Into the Heart of the Beloved so Pure
Filled with Celebration always to endure
“My song has been sung
My heart has been full
My love for each never a blur
I hold out my hand with pure delight
To share with others keen insight

Waste no time, tarry not at the helm
Take charge to create the new Loving Realm
A bouquet of experiences I carry with me
My song I send to say I am free!”
The preparation for this death passage lasts for many months, June through November, so
we are given much deeper insight. This person does not want to leave according to her
family.  She has cancer and there are no answers.  All of my time with her is in the
Greater World in 2010.

In an afternoon mediation I meet Pricilla.  It is peaceful and quiet.  We sit and swing on a
front porch.  I am holding her hand.  She does not wish to talk.  We swing a lot, laugh and
feel the coolness in the air.  We touch foreheads.  She leaves.
11 June, am
I start a meditation praying for another soul, Donna.  She is fine and needs no assistance
at this time.  Before I finish, Pricilla appears.   She has short white hair and walks with
her cane.  We sit in a swing together holding hands.  She sets her cane to the side.
Everyone feels this way when they are called. “They do!!!!” Pricilla exclaims. Eternal
life is true.  The Christ shared this teaching.  Your soul has much to do and much to love.
You can watch over your family from here. You will see them again when they come and
you welcome each one.
They are in shock also because they cannot imagine life without you.  At this time we
must all connect with true Eternal Love and share as deeply as possible.  This Love
carries across the threshold and goes both ways.  You can send messages and so can they.
You can send love and so can they.  The relationship is different but it is still ongoing if
that is what you all would like.
We sit quietly feeling the breeze and listening to the birds. Pricilla stands up with her
cane and says “that is enough for now.”  We join both hands and look deeply into each
others eyes, touch foreheads and she departs.  I am still on the swing after she leaves.
11 June, pm
At first Pricilla seems hesitant because she is busy but as we connect and begin to speak
she relaxes and we talk fluently.  We meet sitting on a swing on a front porch.  She
arrives with her cane which she sets next to the swing.  She feels there is so much to do
and is afraid there is going to be bickering in the family.  We talk of the love she has
shared and that now her family has gifts and love to share with her. This love she can take
with her so she must open her heart to receive.  It is time to pass the torch.
To Pricilla:  You are a precious jewel and you bring that to be with God.
Like ligure, the precious stone in ancient Israel, all souls are precious and rare.
7 July
Pricilla can not visit because she is too busy.   My soul sprinkles love, joy and awareness
from my pouch.  We touch foreheads and she is off.
27 July
I pray for three souls in my evening meditation.  I am asking about another soul when
Pricilla arrives with her cane.  We are gathered at the Holy Temple, Oming, awaiting
another soul when this happens.  Pricilla is glad to lie on the bed in the temple.
Archangel Michael cuts cords to the 3rd dimension.  Archangel Raphael is present to help

heal wounds so to move on.  Archangel Azreal is helping her to choose life in the next
world.  Archangel Jophiel is helping her to see beauty and go towards it.  Archangel
Gabrielle is helping with communication to Pricilla’s family.
2 August
Again I pray for the 3 souls having difficulty leaving this plane of existence.  I am
immediately transported to the Holy Temple with many spiritual beings already gathered
although I cannot tell who they are.   It seems as if they are observing having come from
many parts of the universe.  The healing bed is up three stairs.  Light Beings are sitting
close within the Holy Temple and also completely surrounding the Temple and stretched
as far back as I can see.
All three of the souls are very attached to the body and do not want to leave.  Pricilla is
second in the bed.  I hold her hand and listened intently to her story.  We talk about her
leaving and that she must be thoughtful of everyone.  Spirit opens the heavens and gives
her a mega dose of universal awareness of time showing her new life and the nano second
that will pass between her going and her seeing her earth family again.  I walk
her to a chair in the inner circle so that the next soul can have his turn.  All are told that
Eternal Life is real and these bodies are only temporary.
After each has a turn in the healing bed, I move onto the floor where they are sitting in
their chairs.  We practice merging into a stunning etheric flower then separating into
individuals three times consecutively.  I take 3 stones from my pouch and give them each
one so they have something tangible to hold onto from one world to the next.  They each
become radiant when holding these stones in the palm.  We bow to each other and the
session is over.
During this time I do not connect with Pricilla.  Her daughter says she is steadfastly
finishing all business so that the family is ready and her affairs are complete.  It takes all
of her will and love to maintain a body that is failing day by day to be able to complete
these tasks. She is placed on psychotropic drugs for severe pain. What an amazing effort.

8 October
I am in meditation when I receive this Song for Pricilla.  Hundreds of ancestors appear to
sing to Pricilla.  This is an incredible sight and the deep caring through all time is
profoundly apparent.
O Pricilla, can you hear us calling you??
O Pricilla, we await your sound so true.
Can you hear us?
Can you focus on the Light?
We’re here for you to welcome you to gain your truest sight.
As you’re walking, notice each and every sound.
As you’re walking, everything will seem profound.
Keep your focus on the Light and on God’s Grace
Then you will move with assurance to your brand new space.
Oh Pricilla
There are wonders waiting here
O Pricilla
There is nothing you must fear
Have an open heart, let the Christ be your guide
You will see his Radiance Pure as a beacon in the sky
The Light within, the Light without will merge into One
The Joy within, the Joy without will vibrate like the Sun
Let your cares go, they need not come along
What serves you now is staying true to the One Great Song
O Pricilla
The Love you seek is here
O Pricilla
The Truth will help you steer
Your might ship, the voyage long, the Essence of the Mighty Gong
Will vibrate true to carry you along
The thunderous waves, will, lap at your door
The stormy seas, will, pound at the floor
Don’t let them in, hold, your faith so dear
This will keep you from an overwhelming fear
THEN       the PEACE       arrives,
For that, do strive
We will be there to greet you, sweet one on high.
11 October

The singing returns, ancestors have been singing continuously as if to infuse her with the
vibration of the reality that is now hers.  I see Pricilla as a babe lying very still and
listening intently to everything being sung and said.  I approach gently and sing of my
admiration for her incredible courage, the love of all the angels, the Christ, Divine
Mother.  She continues to be very, very still.  The universe at large is waiting with great
Pricilla is resting in the womb of the Great Mother, the muted stars as candles lighting the
way, one brilliant throbbing star appears holding the focus.  The Holy Temple is holding
the vibration, angelic presences, Sri Yogananda, me, hushed, awaiting the birth,
Holding the Presence.  A blossom could burst forth at any moment.  Oming is constant as
well as the ancestral choir singing continuously; a stunningly exquisite moment.
I see the following when I peer though the eyes of some of the Spirit Beings gathered:
Archangel Azreal sees a solid footprint as if Pricilla has left her footprint for all to see
and understand.
Archangel Gabrielle sees people working together to assist the process
Quan Yin sees vibrations of music rising towards the higher spheres which is a precursor
of birth into the heavens.
Butterfly Maiden sees a cocoon throbbing as if ready to burst.
Dana sees flowers beginning to grow roots and reaching out.
Sri Yogananda sees the majesty of the Great All, the Divine Symphony, the
utter       breathless beauty.
Sush Al Mundra sees the sisters working joyfully to assist.
12 October
I connect with Pricilla in my evening meditation and have parts of the conversation in the
following paragraphs.  The information is all in response to her questions.
“It seems like you want this to make sense.  It does not make sense to the mind.  This is a
creative universe.  Something new is constantly being revealed and what is no longer
needed falls away.  This includes bodies when they are unable to work well.  Your new
life is already in place waiting for you.  Your loved ones are ready and able to carry on.
What your ancestors are telling you is true.
What you are experiencing is not death actually but change.  In expanded consciousness
it is like prisms changing color.  The changes are the dance, the Great Song singing
through you, the Living Essence growing, blossoming, fading, growing, blossoming,
fading.  That is the rhythm of the Song.  If you can let your mind relax and observe like
an audience, you will become that Song, that Painting, that Dance with joy unbounded.  It
all feels glorious and perfectly natural.  It feels like waking from a dream.  Feel it with
your big, generous heart wide open.  It is a gift, a beautiful gift from the Absolute.
You are not alone. You will not fall.  Your ancestors are right here with you.  Do you see
them?  (yes)  They are right here.  They will show you what you need to know.  It is all

actually fun.  Can you sing with them?  Can you feel the words vibrating in the air?  It is
like you can touch them with your finger the sounds are so real.
Your soul is the true you, the eternal you, the vast you.  The finite mind is an instrument
to help you complete your tasks on earth.  It has very specific, limited duties.  When your
focus again becomes the soul, all divine qualities flow through you without obstruction.
There is a knowing that propels action.  It is easier to understand and feel the
interconnectedness of all things: stars, planets, souls, flowers, songs.  It is also easier to
understand the rhythm because you are one with it.  Even though you have always been a
part of that rhythm, density obscures because everything moves so very slowly.  Unless
you make a deliberate effort to focus on that awareness, it is easy to miss it.  Think of
melting ice, water simply changing form but still the same essence.
Death passage or transition to the new world comes as a surprise to nearly everyone.
It is not that we start at a, then go to b, know we are finished and get our diploma. We are
never finished; we simply stop where we are, change and move on.  Each of us has left
our imprint beautifully and then there is a new song.  The Masters are prepared and do
know what to expect which is one reason why they are so inspiring.
You will be there to greet your daughter, your son, and your grandchildren when their
parts in the symphony change.  It will seem like no time has passed.  It will feel like you
have always been together.”
The conversation is over and we are suddenly immersed in a ceremony.
Pricilla is walking with someone on either side of her.  Rose petals are strewn on the path.
She is wearing a long dress, almost Hawaiian in nature, green with white flowers.  There
are lots of flowers everywhere.  Her ancestors line the path on either side.  She
joyously greets each and every one with her very bright smile.
The Christ appears blessing all, over all.  Everything is happening within His body or
field.  We walk up an incline.  Pricilla and I see a door.  We go through together.  It is
cold, foggy and becomes dark, still and silent.   We are the only things moving.  As we
emerge from the dark, Pricilla has on a long white dress.  We come to a valley with a
long, winding river where we see the Holy Temple up on a hill.  There is a winding path
to get there.  I hear the music of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring along with the continuous
Auming.  The ancestors line the path winding up to the Holy Temple.  Pricilla knows
everyone along the path.  Bells are ringing; great angelic music fills the air.
When I return from this meditation, I wonder if Pricilla actually crossed over.  Her family
tells me she is still here.   This has been an amazing dress rehearsal!   Pricilla knows
exactly where she is going and how to get there.  She returns to complete any unfinished
earthly activities.  When she actually crosses, my soul is with her but I am not witnessing
on the third dimension.
I understand from this passage that I shall be able to help many more souls by having the
rehearsal because it can be at a time that meshes with schedules and demands of the third
dimension.  Those who do not wish to go or are hesitant for any reason can be taken to
their new homes in advance to help ease their fears.
Tuesday, pm
Pricilla feels trapped and cannot get out of the body.  She is trying to use will to get out
and it does not work.  Will is what has kept her alive and allowed her to finish her earthly
tasks.  Envisioning a heavenly being for “transference of consciousness” seems to
reinforce this strong will.  Thus, I ask to see her self as a star that is going to merge with
another star in the distance.  She feels she can do this.  We talk of leaving the body as
taking off a coat which is too bulky.
Wednesday am,
Pricilla arrives very tired.  We go to the Holy Temple where she lies on the healing bed.  I
am holding her hand singing to her.  A golden bird appears which begins singing as well,
perched with the little head rubbing against her neck and jaw.  There are lots of other
souls observing this process.  Auming is constant.  It becomes very peaceful.  All are
Holding the Presence for this soul awaiting the new birth.  I share with Pricilla:  often
souls have to get to the point where they realize that they just “can’t do this anymore” so
they can release the body.  The bird can go with you to help you sing your song; the bird
can go with you to live in your new home; so share your love with this gentle being and
share your song so dear.  There is much singing and encouragement for Pricilla to love
the bird; sing her song; feel the joy.  Then there is peaceful silence.
I receive a message that Pricilla crosses the threshold later in November 2010.
5 December
I settle in meditation and call to Pricilla.  She emerges to greet me.  We join hands and
look deeply into each others universal eyes where we see worlds beyond worlds.  Tears of
appreciation stream down our faces.  She grows as large as the sky and returns to herself.
I grow as large as the sky and return to myself.  We both grow as large as the sky together
and return with gales of laughter.  We touch foreheads; have a deep embrace and part
ways.  This is a very stunning celebration.

Jerry is preparing for his passage.  He is in a nursing facility.  My time with him is in
person and in the Greater World.  When in person, Jerry is very aware and remembers
everyone but clearly his body is giving out.  His world is getting smaller with Jerry
sharing time with family and friends as well as eating ice cream. The following snapshots
are in the Greater World in 2011.
Wednesday, am
I enter meditation to be greeted by my soul and Jerry as well as his beloved dog, who
preceded him in going to the Greater World!!!!!!!!!!! Together we shall escort Jerry to his
new home.  What a fabulous reunion with the dog licking Jerry’s face.  Jerry is laughing,
and laughing and laughing at the licking and at the hilarity of the cosmos.  He is not
ready to cross just yet but soon.  My soul is thrilled with this sudden turn of events and
honored to do this walk in this way.  The heavens are preparing and awaiting Jerry’s
welcome.  My soul and the beloved dog stand in awareness 24/7.  It is so very sweet.
Wednesday evening, same date
My soul appears with an enormous feather in hand and I wonder what she is going to be
doing.  The scene moves quickly and I see that it is a purification ceremony.  The beloved
dog, Jerry and I are in a very quiet, peaceful setting.  I light the sage and am sweeping the
body with the feather.  Jerry is smiling.  I chant the Heart Chant.  It is beautifully serene.
Thursday am, next day,
Jerry’s soul and mine visit his new home so we know where he will be going.  There is a
little cabin with a front porch, lots of huge rock outcroppings surrounded by forest similar
to New Mexico.  The beloved dog and Jerry walk and play.  This cabin is surrounded by
five communities holding space for a peaceful transition and waiting to welcome Jerry
and the dog.  The five communities are surrounded by ten communities, and the ten are
surrounded by twenty communities.  Jerry can travel anywhere he likes.

Elders from the five communities welcome Jerry.  The communities stand in a circle
about an acre in size for the welcoming ceremony.  There is an opening in the circle for
Jerry, the beloved dog, and me to step through to walk to the elders.  Souls who know
Jerry from other lives reside in these communities but he is not particularly looking for
that right now.
There is heart resonance with the beings in the communities.  As Jerry’s heart heals and
expands others know and immediately emerge to greet him.  There is a peaceful flow to
this process that allows for quiet reflection and loving community within the context of
Jerry’s personal rhythm.
Jerry is having a difficult time believing the Greater World exists.  On the physical level
his mind insists and his voice keeps saying that he “believes in nothing.”  Jerry is
ensconced in disbelief making his transition challenging.
A chant begins to help Jerry understand the Unseen World.  White Eagle emerges and
plays a drum beat to assist:

One with the heart beat
One with the purrr

One with the breeze that blows through the hair
One with the Great Song
My soul inquires of Jerry:  can you hear the dog barking at your side, can you see the tail
wagging, can you feel the lick to greet you?  I then create two visual message cards
which read: “ensconced in disbelief” with a big X over the words next to a message card
which says “flying free”.   This is to encourage Jerry to choose the freedom of the Greater
World over limitation.
24 November
Jerry departs.  I receive the following poem:
Jerry of the freedom riders singing his song
Jerry in the Joy and Love all the day long
Vibrant hues and brilliant stars
Gazing out one sees so far
Such a conundrum this cosmos scheme
Just when one has the thread, it breaks in between
The one holding and all that follows after
Such a feeling of despair and seeming disaster
The trick must be holding strong to the center of the theme
That way one can come and go without creating a seam
Rest is good, rest is fine
Oh my heart does feel sublime
Thank you for the wonderful signs.

Corrine’s body has a tumor which has recently increased exponentially in size.  She is a
special friend and I am saddened to hear this news.  My time with her is in person and in
the Greater World in 2012.
When we first meet in the Greater World I am wondering if this is going to be her time or
if she is going to work through this health crisis.  She asks me if I will speak at her
memorial service.  I am stunned but of course say yes.  When we part I don’t know if she
really wants me to do this or if it is her way of letting me know that it is soon time for her
Corrine and I are sitting at a table in the Greater World.  We are having tea and she is
crying:  crying for lost love, crying for leaving too soon and all the while wondering why
she is having a difficult time because we have been through this many time together in
different lives.  Our connection is strong because our souls work together.  Spiritual
Sisters help each other always.  We talk about what it is to be human and that the feelings
that go with this experience are deep indeed.  It is not easy to say good bye to loved ones
even with the spiritual knowledge we share.  We talk of the many times we have helped
each other at this juncture and that it is always bittersweet.
My soul stands and walks over to a huge picture window that is dark.  I take two ends and
flip the window over so that Corrine is peering out, looking at eternity.  The brilliance is
stunning.  She is no longer to be looking at what is past but rather looking at and
embracing her new life.
With that she smiles her beautiful smile and says she is ready to keep her focus.
11 September
I go with a friend to see Corrine and hang the silks over her bed indicating that the
crossing of the threshold is at hand.  Corrine looks beautiful and occasionally opens her
eyes very briefly.  When we finish there is a peaceful energy surrounding Corrine, an
altar of flowers at the foot of her bed and soft multi colored silks draped around her.
Reluctantly, I kiss her good bye.
13 September
Corrine’s soul appears to me in a white dress.  Our souls are standing together in the
Greater World preparing for her transition.  We are surrounded by archangels. I recognize
Archangel Azreal thus I know Corrine’s time is quite near.
15 September
I meet with Corrine in the Greater World.  I am Holding the Presence to assist Corrine.
Close in her circle are her friends and loved ones surrounding her.  We move through the
elemental kingdom with the fairies, gnomes, Gaia, and many, many angels all wishing
her a beautiful walk.  Corrine spends much time working with the male/female balance
through shifting templates and bringing in the loving Sacred Feminine.  She has been
carrying much for the collective unconscious which has been difficult for her physical
body.  Angels remind Corrine that there are no time constraints and that she is the
designer of this crossing.  Quan Yin and Kali are there to help her embrace the new
beginning.  Butterfly Maiden assures her that this is a birth and to embrace the beautiful
Corrine turns to me to say that she would like me to walk with her.  She then says that she
is going to take her time so to be able to take in every tiny nuance of the profound
awareness available during a transition between worlds.  We joyfully walk arm in arm on
a white carpet stretched laterally across the cosmos.  Corrine greets each and every being
lining both sides of the carpet to welcome her.  Celebration is in the air with much music
and colorful wild flowers strewn on her path.
After the long, stunning walk we reach the end of the white path.  Weloming
Corrine, gently radiating a deeply precious love, are the Christ and Mary Magdalene
together!  Corrine and I both gasp with amazement and take in the profound realization
that the efforts of many souls on both sides of the veil are actually working to restore the
Sacred Feminine. Corrine turns to me and gives me a very tender hug.  On the earth plane
I burst into tears.  Corrine then goes with the Christ and Mary Magdalene in a swirl of
Light and I return here.

P A R T   II:
O P E N I N G   T O   S O U L   P A S S A G E   M I D W I F E R Y

P A R T   II:   I N T R O D U C T I O N
Soul Passage Midwifery can be a calling or one can choose to share this skill within the
family setting to help loved ones through their passages.  Since we are working on a soul
level, one can choose to be present in person or work long distance.  Though I am
focusing on departing souls in this book, Soul Passage Midwives also work with
incoming souls.
To be present for someone crossing the threshold requires that we see through a different
lens of perception.  The chapters in this section speak to the essence of this process which
I have experienced many times.  In actuality the process in quite simple but using words
to explain it feels cumbersome, like putting the cosmos in a thimble. It is my hope that
practicing seeing through the perspectives presented will help those interested to come
into alignment with opening to this beautiful expression.
Gazing through the eyes of a vast cosmos, it feels we are on a journey of eternally
becoming.  This journey is one in which the soul is always growing.  As a part of that

growth, we incarnate to gain needed experience.  Thus the departure of a body, while
significant, is not the ultimate end of the journey.  It is a change.
From a larger perspective, death passage can be perceived as the ultimate “trompe l’oeil”,
a painted artistic canvas deceiving our eyes.  We visually perceive one thing and yet
something altogether different is happening.  In death passage, a body once filled with
vigor and purpose is waning day by day leaving us filled with despair.   Yet, our true
essence, consciousness and loving awareness, is strengthening day by day and going
unnoticed because we haven’t developed the perceptual skills to recognize this aspect.

Metatron (06/08/11)

Metatron states that death passage is dynamic, intriguing, and purposeful.
Death passage calls forth a myriad of adventures enlivening the soul
crossing.  The consciousness is riveted towards precise action
profound awareness and enormous depth of purpose.  Leaving
temporary toys behind, the soul remembers the richness
of the tapestry of Eternal Life.
Soul Passage Midwifery appears to mirror the experience of death passage through
engaging in a process of releasing, deepening and expanding. Like walking a labyrinth
our awareness moves deeply inward then expands outward.  On the inward journey we
are releasing preconceived notions and judgments about who we are, why we are here
and where we are going.  We are moving into the core of our hearts to peer through a
window that we thought was locked shut but which opens readily to an amazing world.
On the outward journey we alter our perceptions of reality through expanding to meet
other worlds and welcome them into our own.  Like Lucy in the Lion, the Witch and the

Wardrobe, we enter what seems to be a closet in which we could become trapped but
which actually opens to stunning experiences.
Soon she went further in and found that there was a second row of coats hanging
up behind the first one.  It was almost quite dark in there and she kept her arms
stretched out in front of her so as not to bump her face into the back of the
wardrobe.  She took a step further in –then two or three steps – always expecting
to feel woodwork against the tips of her fingers.  But she could not feel it.
“This must be a simply enormous wardrobe!” thought Lucy, going still further in
and pushing the soft folds of the coats aside to make room for her.  Then she
noticed that there was something crunching under her feet.  “I wonder is that more
moth-balls? she thought, stooping down to feel it with her hand.  But instead of
feeling the hard, smooth wood of the floor of the wardrobe, she felt something
soft and powdery and extremely cold.  “This is very strange,” she said, and went
on a step or two farther.
Next moment she found out what was rubbing against her face and hands was no
longer soft fur but something hard and rough and even prickly.  “Why it is just
like branches of trees!” exclaimed Lucy.  And then she saw that there was a light
ahead of her – not a few inches away where the back of the wardrobe ought to
have been but a long way off.  Something cold and soft was falling on her.  A
moment later she found that she was standing in the middle of a wood at night-
time with snow under her feet and snowflakes falling through the air.
Lucy felt a little frightened, but she felt very inquisitive and excited as well.

In my experience, the changes of perception through which one moves in death passage
seem to happen instantaneously.  We see and are experiencing one world in one moment
and suddenly we see and are experiencing an altogether different world the next moment.
Like Lucy, we may feel a little frightened but also inquisitive and excited.   When we
truly understand that we are not these bodies, our wings to fly emerge.  We become one
with the space between.

The pages that follow offer different windows of perception through which to observe
death passage from the eyes of a daughter and Soul Passage Midwife in hopes of
furthering understanding.  Each perspective is a portal for entry which has its own story
that does not necessarily seem logical to the mind.  Like the petals of a flower, these
various perspectives some how fit together with other people’s perspectives to form a
much larger whole.   As our awareness of the Great Beyond broadens we feel the
overlapping dimensions, the loving assistance from expanded realms and the profound
reality of our true essence.  Fears of death quickly melt in the presence of such a vast
truth.  What was once regarded as the greatest moment of tragedy becomes the key to
entering Radiant Beauty.  In the words of Nancy Wood:
In this hallowed place, life begins anew.
In this hallowed place, I am the continuous breath
of all that has gone before
and all that follows after.

Native people describe death as “a change of worlds.”
The Universal Peace Shield of Truths:  Ancient Indian Peace Shield Teachings
Rainbow Eagle
C H A P T E R   T H R E E
Death Passage Midwifery is an incomparable journey into the depths of the universe.
Imagination is sparked in ways that reminds us of early childhood.  There is so much to
learn that our curiosity leaps with confidence into the joyful exploration. Through a
continuous process of releasing, deepening and expanding each of us can fully participate
in this wondrous adventure.

If we wish to be fully present with someone who is crossing the threshold, we must
release all preconceived ideas and cultural biases about who we are, what a death
passage is and where we are going.  What this means is, like the person going through the
death passage process, we need to look at the process with fresh eyes.  This cannot be
overemphasized. What we have been taught to navigate this plane of existence is largely
irrelevant in the Greater World.  Since we cannot let go piece by piece and ever arrive, we
must let go of our beliefs entirely.  This is an “ah, ha” moment; a shift.   We were in one
place.  Now we are in another.  Our perspective changes completely.  From our new
perspective, our multidimensional perspective, we can see in many directions
simultaneously despite the mind’s stance of incredulity.

Holding our feelings in a neutral position regarding what is transpiring is a vital key.
This perhaps feels impossible if the person going is our loved one but quite truly it is not.
Having experienced the death passages of both of my parents, I can say that being in a
state of profound clarity is a requirement.  Truly, it is as if we have been living within a
box.  Beliefs from such a narrow perspective catapult us into emotions that are
unwarranted and they are an impediment to the entire process.  This does not mean that
we do not cry.  It means that we cry and try to see from a different perspective; we cry
again and open to expand.  We hold the intention of seeing from a higher awareness.
Befriending clarity is a beautiful gift at the time of a death passage.  It allows a loved one
to be present for all the needs of the one crossing without the roller coaster which often
accompanies emotional crises.  As we gain clarity, our conditioning and misguided
understandings reveal themselves as such. Additionally, clarity holds the door open for all
communication from Spirit which guides us each step of the way.
To release preconceived ideas, it is good to inquire of our soul perspective.  This way we
have a different perception to consider besides the one commonly held in the culture.

Soul Perspective (06/09/10):

Impulse, expansion; impulse, expansion.
All growth is continuous; all life is continuous.
What is no longer needed falls away but the new is in place before that occurs.

When one is faced with a death passage or new birth, a new node has been formed
from an impulse and then it is time for the expansion.  The process of life has
been building the new node, when it is complete, the expansion occurs naturally.

This understanding changes things significantly.  The expansion occurs naturally.  The
new life is already in place.  Remembering when my mother crossed this makes sense.  I
passed her into the arms of the Christ before she quit breathing.  Thus, the overlapping of
dimensions takes delicate care to have everything in place before the body falls away.
A part of the terror of death is the belief held by our culture that death passage is
something negative.  People in our American culture simply do not wish to even talk
about death or death passage.  We seem to condemn aging as if it were a sickness. Ram
Dass finds that our culture considers “aging a failure, that somehow God made a big
mistake.  If God were as smart as the commercials, people would be young forever.”
While religions teach that it is positive to enter into eternal life, there has not been
adequate instruction in the Western world outlining how to meet this sacred task.  In
every other aspect of our lives we are given enormous information and preparation for
our next step whether it be obtaining a driving permit or applying for graduate school.
Only in the arena of death passage do we meet a stony silence.

While we all understand the genuine human sadness of saying good bye, one must
change any perception creating a block.  Feelings of anger, despair, and grief definitely
impede the process because they color our awareness.  Chanting Aum for 15 minutes
clears anger and other emotions while bringing us to a higher vibration.  This is far
simpler than sorting through the many pages of a difficult childhood or moving slowly
through the stages of grief.  Looking at the process through the eyes of perceptual change
allows immediate change.  This does not mean that we won’t have work to do after the
passage but it does mean that we meet this sacred task with clarity, holding vivid beauty
before us.
Archangel Gabrielle: (07/07/11)
The feelings of the human form are a beautiful expression meant to deepen
experience.  Likewise they give warning to desist moving in a direction
which is not positive.  When meeting feelings which overwhelm, turn, face
the sun.  Walk towards the sun taking the warming into the heart while leaving
the provocation behind.  The heart processes anything which is
off center.  It does so through transmutation. Use this wisely when
a death passage is imminent.

Archangel Jophiel: (07/08/11)
Judgment is a very harsh assessment of any situation. People behave in similar
ways in similar circumstances. Compassion for the difficulty is what is needed.
Let all thoughts of harshness continue moving, do not embrace their expression.
Butterfly Maiden: (07/08/11)

The cocoon which becomes hardened walls is built of limiting beliefs and extreme
emotions.  If one wishes to fly, one cannot bring the cocoon and one cannot stay
locked inside.  Sweep emotions clear through self reflection and purifying
thoughts.  Cast aside beliefs which create separation.  Release others to release

Releasing the Being Crossing
If witnessing a loved one’s passage, give verbal permission for the person crossing to go.
This brings relief to those going and those staying.  My father was hesitant to leave
because he did not want me to suffer the tremendous pain that he had felt when my
mother passed.  While I understood and appreciated his deep love for me, his body could
no longer sustain itself.  I told him it would be much more painful for me to have to move
him to a nursing facility because I could no longer physically care for him.  From my
heart, I shared that while I would miss him tremendously, he was free to leave from the
loving comfort of our home to go be with Mom and the higher realms. I remember the
surprise and the joy in his eyes when he understood he did not have to leave our home.
White Eagle (10/11/11)
Distant drums speak to the heart whether holding one back or giving a
fresh start.  Give the true gift to all departing souls.
Following releasing limiting perspectives, we shift our attention to deepening.  To deepen
we befriend stillness.

Soul Perspective:  (06/20/10)
Holding stillness as a pillar within is essential for Soul Passage Midwives.
It is from this point that one can perceive the more subtle realms.  Opening to
receiving information to assist requires absolute clarity of intention, purity of
heart as well as stillness of mind and being.
When one is able to hold stillness there is no attachment to how the process
proceeds.  It unfolds creatively each time.  There are no expectations.  The
conversations and events are always in the moment.  Decisions as to course
of action are instantaneous.
Forgiving Self and Others
To be appropriately available to assist someone across the threshold, we must forgive
ourselves and others for all negative encounters whether intended or unintended.  This
process alone releases us from emotional entanglement which often takes the forefront of
our attention in times of perceived crisis.   The freedom gained from the release of these
chains is blessed.  From this practice, we begin to see things as they are from a greater
perspective rather that how we would like them to be or how we misperceive them to be
from our limited vantage point.  This practice helps us to release our attachment to our
current perception of reality.  We let go.  We let go of all of our attitudes about others and
understand that from in the larger reality their actions are recorded.  It is not for us to
One way to make the shift to the Greater Reality is to see a loved one as a soul on a
journey which has been fraught with perils.  Sometimes this soul has triumphed and
sometimes this soul has much more to learn in a given arena.  We then become souls
bearing witness or pilgrims on the journey rather than mothers or fathers, daughters or
sons.   If witnessing a death passage, our job is to be present in every moment to help the
soul making the journey.  Nothing else has priority.  While we have other things we must
do, we are always holding the person crossing in the highest light and making decisions
from that perspective.

Soul Perspective (06/18/10)

Holding the intention carries one through difficulties.  One must
be still and unwavering at one’s core, moving with precision
and being unwilling to become misaligned for any reason.  With this
focus, there is no conflict, no challenge presented.  One simply
moves forward undaunted as the path is illuminated each
step of the way.
We also forgive ourselves for any lacking or misperception.  Understanding that we have
done our best, we move on to embrace ourselves as a part of the Greater Plan.  We bring
our focus to bear on the situation from the Greater Perspective thus opening the gate for
holding steadfast.
Appreciating All
While sitting with our loved one we can think about all the things we appreciate about her
and let her know.   We appreciate the time with her, the flowers that are blooming, the
music we hear, and the kindness of others helping us at this time.  This approach helps us
focus on the Greater Awareness and bring that loving energy into the sphere of the
experience. This is not a false appreciation; often we notice things we have never noticed
before.  Thus, it is an excellent practice in seeing through different eyes.
Archangel Jophiel  (10/15/11)
Appreciation brings blooms to plants in spring, smiles to faces once
torn and joy to hearts long in the desert.  Look through different
eyes to    see hidden beauty joyfully present.  This is the thread that
can weave a    new tapestry.

Archangel Gabrielle (10/15/11)
Appreciation is the golden key to unlock doors thought permanently
closed.  Shifting to this awareness releases the cobwebs long
accumulated.    A marked ease comes into the life of one who sees through these
Embracing Oneness
Embracing Oneness helps us to feel the presence of the One energy flowing through all
that exists.  Thus we have a shared origin, a shared path and a shared destination.
Formlessness is an ever emerging essence which permeates all and gives rise to all.  Once
we have tapped into this perspective, we begin to see through different eyes.

Soul Perspective (06/20/10):
To make way for Divine Essence in one’s life it is essential to understand the All

the market place and the holy temple
the lions roar and the kiss of a butterfly

` One must make way for the more subtle energies and allow them space
in the midst of the tumult.  While that sounds simple, most human beings
require much training before they can come to this awareness in any
consistent manner.  The starkness of the material world commands immediate
attention which most give out of  habitual instinct.  Only through choosing to
relate to the world in a different way can one begin to unravel the Mystery.

Divine Essence moves with gentle assurance through every challenge to create
resolutions that astound.  When one can allow space for this seemingly
nonexistent energy, even the most intense bellowing in the material world will
not stand.

Another way of perceiving this energy is to borrow terms from the art world: positive and
negative space.  Positive space is that space which we all perceive as human beings,
trees, buildings, or all the things that exist in this world.  Negative space is all the space
in between what we perceive exists.   The space between is where the work of Divine
Essence transpires as beautifully captured by Nancy Wood:

Beads of Life
The space between events is where
most of life is lived.  Those half-remembered moments

of joy or sadness, fear or disappointment, are merely
beads of life strung together
to make one expanding necklace of experience.
The space between events is where
we grow old.  From sunrise to sunset one day lives
as another day emerges from the fluid womb of dawn,
the first bead strung upon
the everlasting thread of life.
The space between events is
where         knowledge marries
beauty.  In quiet reflection
we remember only the colored outline of events,
the black and white of war, the rosiness
that surrounded our first love.
The space between events is why
we go on living.  The laughter of a child or
the sigh of wind in a canyon becomes the music
we hear expanding in our hearts each time
we gather one more bead of life.

Soul Passage Midwives are adept at being in both worlds at once.  They know “how” to
pay attention to the subtle realms and the ques that guide the way.  Soul Passage
Midwives understand holding the vibration in the face of the great storm of death
passage.  Their vision is clear and they cannot be pulled into the tumult.

Universal Love
Universal Love is different from the everyday definition of love.  It is much more
expansive, forgiving, aware and generous.  We open to Spirit entering into the equation
by focusing on this higher Love.

Archangel Jophiel (07/18/11)
Universal Love applies love only to all situations and forms.  It is an eternally
emerging pure essence that is the antidote for all difficult states of being.  Shifting
to this perspective is something the angels help humans experience.  Once one has
been immersed in this feeling, it is not forgotten.

Archangel Gabrielle (07/10/11)

This requires stepping out of the realm of personal.  Universal Love exudes
compassion for all beings in all circumstances.  It is a calling forth of the
understanding of the soul lesson which allows one to move from this perspective.
Holding care and compassion for a soul crossing the threshold helps one
to step into Universal Love.
Trancendent Eyes
Transcendent eyes see the goodness that this soul crossing shared.  We celebrate the
positive, loving actions which helped our world in ways small or large.  This is a great
soul who has served well.  There is no room at this point for discussing any pettiness or
perceived negativity.  The following chant can be sung at the bedside either silently or

Sufi Chant
All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you
All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you
Ish ka la ma bood ley la
Ish ke la ma bood ley la
The words of a different language help us to release our hold on the current reality and
move to the feeling of genuine love from the heart.
Archangel Jophiel (10/13/11)
From this perspective, one can see that a death is actually a birth into the heavens.
The cosmic celebration is felt in the heart relieving the person of the burden of
Archangel Gabrielle (10/12/11)
Long forgotten chains of sadness are broken, to be no more.  Freedom is gained at
a cost never too high.  The lessons of a perceived cage become apparent for all to
see. The Great Song carries the wind.

Butterfly Maiden (10/12/11)
The butterfly emerges.  The freedom is felt.  Celebration takes hold; a new life is
begun.  Creative Essence emerges and emerges again.  This Splendor is

Taking the time to be conscious in our every effort allows expanding to emerge.  This is
incredibly powerful.  For the soul crossing the threshold, the new life unfolds.  For the
soul witnessing, a new way of seeing unfolds.

Archangel Sandalphon  (10/11/11)
The cosmos is seized by the atom.  One soul contains the All.  Home.
Archangel Raziel (10/11/11)
Dreams of Eternity were here all the while.  The Great Torch lights the
way.  Seeing clearly, we are befuddled no more.
If we live our lives with our creative essence ever emerging through our
multidimensional selves, when death passage arrives it is a change, not utter devastation.
We know what is expected, how the process works, where we are going and how to keep
in touch with our loved ones.  Our relationship with Eternal Light is ongoing so we are
fluent in the ways of our home to be.  When we leave this plane of existence, it is a
joyous celebration rather than a permanent, untenable farewell.  We understand that we
are indeed expanding and are prepared to embrace the new life.
For those witnessing, the interchange with the Absolute radically alters life.  No longer
do we acknowledge limitation.  In our every action we become the eyes and ears of the
Great Spirit.  The crises in everyday life take on a new hue of unimportance.  We are at
home using the “eternal yardstick” as Sri Yogananda would say.

Archangel Azreal  (10/12/11)
The joy of my role realized.  The trick of the universe revealed.
Welcoming is a beautiful task.  The dreariness projected by humans who
have forgotten; erased.

Expansion is being present in the expanded world as well as being here in this world.  We
can function in both worlds simultaneously.  Energetically we become a bridge between
worlds.  When I was with my mother I was fully cognizant and functioning
simultaneously on this level as well as the Greater world.

While I was singing to my mother during her last two hours here, all of the
activities of the nursing home were in full blossom. There were carts moving up

and down the hall, voices over the loud speaker, people coming and going.
Outside there was a storm raging with all the intensity of a Hollywood production.
None of this interfered.  There was a purposeful rhythm to all, the dance of life
on its various levels of consciousness playing out in my field of awareness:
people helping people, flowers pulsing joyous color, lightning and thunder
piercing the day, blessed angels helping my mother.
Bridging both worlds is not the same as leaving the body.  Each perspective has a
purpose.  An example of leaving the body follows:

When I was very ill I remember being in an ambulance and telling the paramedics
not to give me an IV.  Of course they did not listen to me and I remember floating
above the ambulance watching them as they were trying to revive me.  One

paramedic kept saying “we’re loosing her, we’re losing her!” All I could think
was that I had so clearly told them I could not have an IV.  Following that
incident I was given a medic alert bracelet giving precise instructions to give
oxygen only in times of emergency
The one for whom we are witnessing does leave the body at the time of a soul crossing.
In holding the highest vibration for this soul, we give every opportunity for that departing
soul to have a gentle passing into Radiant Beauty.
Archangel Raphael (03.11.11)
Death passage is a healing of the highest order, the self coming home to the self
after an arduous journey.  Revel in the expansion potential ever present in the
soul.  This holds the seeds for new life always: Divinity aware on all levels; a
fascinating journey.
Archangel Azreal (06.08.11)
The Lamb is within.  The joy found in beholding the deep gentleness is
irreplaceable and undeniable.  The song that pours forth is the Eternal Symphony:
ever harmonious; ever thoughtful of both small and large; ever aware; ever at
peace.  The longing for the One is the ferry that moves a soul from shore to

White Tara (06.08.11)
The sweet scent of jasmine fills the air with welcome.  Wonder and delight are the
keys shared to open doors for the new.  As appreciation blazes the way,
remembrance of what was and what can be emerge to greet.

You are both yourself and your archetype, the extended, godded self residing
in the archetypal realm.  Thus, a part of us resides in the archetypal realm that
transcends time and space and a part of us dwells here in existential time and
space.  In the “mysteries”, the initiates grew into awareness of their double
The Search for the Beloved, Jean Houston
C H A P T E R    F O U R
D E A T H   P A S S A G E   A S   C R E A T I V E   P R O C E S S
Mystical encounters, dreams and visions are all a part of Soul Passage Midwifery and the
creative process of dying.  When we can listen to these messages instead of pushing them
away; they inform us, prepare us, assist us, and love us.  Grief, while definitely present, is
not the only feeling present.  A larger picture helps the energy to move.  The unbearable
loneliness that accompanies grief is greatly mitigated.  We are not a fractured part of
existence; we are in the midst of life unfolding.  We are “engaging the Mystery.”
We are “listening.” We are “allowing” the energy to inform the process.  We are creating

something new and participating in a “conversation.”   While we might question the
value of these interactions with the Unseen, as we move past doubt and receive the
infusion of greater energy, the feeling of celebration is unmistakable.

I was in my early forties when my parents crossed over.  While obviously by that age
people and pets had passed on, I had never been present for an actual crossing.  When
thrust into the midst of my mom’s transition, I found my previous training and experience
with creative process and dance improvisation to be most helpful in meeting the death
passage with presence.  Expanding our consciousness as a container for such
circumstances is something that can be learned by all.  Creative process can be
understood and practiced in an everyday setting.  There are pointers to the correct path in
the road that can help each of us and our families.  While creative process alone does not
replace the incredible value of meditation practice, it can open the door to stepping on the
path of change in awareness.
Creativity moves where words do not; intuition serves as the guide. People engaged in
producing a creative work are not bound by laborious analysis, their hearts take the lead.
For purposes of discussion, the elements of creative process give a structure for practice
with the dynamic interplay of energies.  The components of this process are completely
interrelated and interchangeable or are happening simultaneously.  Though they are
presented here in discrete form, this is for practice and gleaning understanding.  One can
start at any point and the remainder will unfold. The idea is to begin.  For ease in helping
to remember the elements, I have divided this into three sections:  Focusing, Engaging
the Mystery, and Manifesting.
Focusing is a deliberate act of considerable depth.  Clarity and sharpness of color, shape,
form, dynamics and rhythm are revealed in ways not previously noticed.  Performers,
students, athletes and business people use this process always for different purposes.  A
number of skills are involved in focusing.
Setting the Intention
Setting the intention requires clarifying exactly what one plans to do.  This clarification
can be for a piece or an entire production.  It creates in one’s mind the template for the
work to come forward.  One’s entire being is put on notice to pay attention to this
In death passage we are stating to the Universe that the intention is to participate in a
conscious death passage or transition.  Thus, the personal self, as well as those beings in
the Unseen realms who are ever vigilant about assisting, are all called forth to pay close
Calling forth the Knowing
The knowing is an internal awareness that understands that the project can and will be
accomplished.  One does not necessarily know how, but the assurance that it will be
completed is present.  This cannot be fabricated.  Either the true knowing is present or it
has not yet arrived.

In death passage we remain alert and available for mystical guidance.  The assurance that
all is cared for is steadfast.  There is no hesitation, only knowing.  If one is not certain,
then one is not yet there.
Receiving a Confirmation or a Vision
A confirmation can be from within the self or an outside source.  One example of a
confirmation from within might be receiving a feeling about a particular piece or the
production in its entirety.  An outside confirmation might be others wanting to participate
or receiving grant funding for a project.  A unique vision is a similar validation which is
presented as a gift from the Mystery.
When working with death passage often a confirmation comes so instantaneously that it
can be difficult to believe.  Once one is familiar with the language, these subtle and
inspiring insights take on powerful meaning.  This is an important reason why practice in
working with the subtle realms is so critical.
Asking How
Asking involves wondering how one might go about accomplishing the given project.  If
the answers were already there, it would be important to do the project.  When creating
something new, we are bringing together elements in and way that has not previously
been accomplished.  Our curiosity is aroused.  We wonder what might happen if we do
something in a particular way.
In working with death passage we ask how to proceed and then remain vigilant for
guidance in the many forms that it may arrive.  This is very individual but seems to be
relatively consistent for a given person.
Setting to work in the dance studio begins the process of engaging the Mystery.  The
space is empty.  The work is going to bring forth a new shape and form.  We have a
general idea of what we would like and yet we know the work is bigger than we, so if we
are open, what emerges will be greater than we.  For the author it is the blank page.  A
potter begins with a mound of clay.  People frequently have the most difficulty applying
the concepts in this section so I am including excerpts from children’s literature to assist
Listening is the skill of focusing attention at all times throughout the day to ready to
receive any information related to the project.  This awareness is present no matter what
else we are doing.

Excerpt:  Faerie
Falana ran through the darkened halls using her hands for eyes.  A bat
“Follow, follow!”  The helpful creature led her to a courtyard where
feeling hopeless and exhausted, the faerie began to cry.
Something gently touched her hand, “Over there, over there,” squeaked a

Through her tears Falana saw what looked like two little girls.  “Could
it be?” she wondered.  “It is! It’s Ruby and Tara!”
Overjoyed she hurried towards her friends.  They greeted each other with
squeals of delight.
When Ruby and Tara told Falana of the sign on the cage and the goblins
plot, she sighed.  “There’s still hope.  Now that we’re wingless they won’t

know we’re faeries.  Let’s hide by this old tree until dark when the
goblins  fall asleep.  Then we’ll save Kevin and the others.”
Huddled under the tree by the well, the faeries and Skyla heard a strange
murmuring. Listen,” whispered Tara.
The rustling wind sang, “Co-o-omb her hair.”
The bubbling water gurgled, “Wa-a-sh her feet.”
And the murmuring tree sighed, “Light a fire with my dry br-anches
to keep her warm.”
The faeries recognized Rhiannon’s voice in the sounds of nature and
knew what to do.
This passage gives us deep insight into how to listen.  People who have a well trained left
brain mindset will have some undoing and unlearning to accomplish.  Yet, even the most
serious skeptic can learn a different way if the intention is present.
In death passage, listening is a critical step in moving towards understanding the
experience from a higher perspective.  Prior to my mother’s crossing, I began receiving
verbal messages from the Spirit Realm.  Then I began having dreams about a black dress.
At the time, I did not have any clue why I was receiving these messages but I was paying
close attention certain at some point I would understand.
When the energy is greater than we, we are open for more information to pour forth.  The
door is always open for wisdom to guide us.  This cannot be forced.  It has a timing of its
own.  When we are receptive the energy infuses the project and the dance to move it in
unique ways.  The following excerpt from Frog and Toad demonstrates allowing:

Excerpt:  Frog and Toad, The Garden
Toad looked at the garden again.
The seeds did not start to grow.
Toad put his head very close to the ground and shouted, “NOW SEEDS START
Frog came running up the path.
“What is all this noise?” he asked.
My seeds will not grow,” said Toad.
“You are shouting too much,” said Frog.  “These poor seeds are afraid to grow.”
“My seeds are afraid to grow?” asked Toad.
“Of course,” said Frog.  “Leave them alone for a few days.”
“My seeds have not started to grow.  They must be afraid of the dark.”
Toad went out into his garden with some candles.  “I will read the seeds a story,”
said Toad.  “Then they will not be afraid.”
All the next day Toad sang songs to his seeds.
All the next day Toad read poems to his seeds.
All the next day Toad played music for his seeds.
These must be the most frightened seeds in the whole world.
Then Toad felt very tired, and he fell asleep. “Toad, Toad wake up,” said Frog.
“Look at your garden.” Little green plants were coming out of the
The sequence of events is always different with death passage.  There is no attachment to
how the process reveals itself.  Each passage is unique.  Therefore, I must meet each soul
with an open heart and let the Expanded Energy reveal the correct path to follow.  If I am
going to meet a soul for six months on a swing, that is wonderful.  If I am going to
immediately take someone to the Great Holy Temple, that is splendid.  If I am going to
share a life review, that is perfect.  At this juncture we are holding the gate open for
wisdom to come forward.  As long as we are honoring the soul’s wishes, the Greater
Wisdom can move through the situation with thoughtfulness and care.
This is the great experiment.  It is open ended, changeable, moving.  One is seeking to
find areas that clarify and are no longer gray.  In movement it is the place where dancers
become deeply attuned to each other.  There are no specific answers but the course is set
and we are moving towards an accomplishment or awareness.  Developing a production
requires artists to explore this aspect more deeply than we usually experience in the daily
world.  A writer might write pages daily not giving any thought to the words as they
strike the page.  Later, the writer/editor sifts through the pages to find relevant ideas to
incorporate into the work.

Excerpt:  The Legend of Holly Claus
One cold afternoon Tundra padded through the castle in search of Holly.  She
wasn’t in her sitting room.  She wasn’t in the schoolroom.  She wasn’t in the
kitchen coaxing a snack from the goblins.  Tundra proceeded down to the
reflecting pool, where the stone nymphs twittered and giggled and finally told
him that the princess had not passed by. She wasn’t in the herb garden. She
wasn’t skating in Parian Pond.

Tundra sat on his haunches and sighed.  Then he squinted at a grove of trees near
the water.  A pair of legs was dangling from one of the pine trees.  Tundra came
closer.  The legs belonged to Holly.  She was sitting on a pine branch with her
eyes closed.  She was also whispering.

“What are you doing?” Tundra asked mildly, after a few minutes.
“Shhh.  Flying.” Holly replied, without opening her eyes.
Tundra waited a few minutes longer.  Then he cleared his throat and remarked,
“You’re flying very unnoticeably.”
In death passage, the mind is incredulous and certain that the door opening is obviously
closed.  If we can hold steady with an inquiring attitude, even though it is obvious that
the correct answer is a closed door, then the Mystery can enter.  This unfolding process
reveals itself as we go along.  There may be a stark difference between what is happening
in the higher realms and what is transpiring on the third dimension.  The person may be
experiencing huge physical upheaval as the spiritual realms are unfolding quite
beautifully.  Or, we may not be seeing things in the same time as earth time.  It is all ok.
There are many perspectives which are operable and many dimensions which work
differently from our current reality.
Creating a Conversation
Creating a conversation is the place of presentation, feedback and revision.  It is a
conversation within one’s self or between self and others.   One is looking with an artist’s
eye to glean the gems.  The director may suggest changes.  In the dance studio, entire
sections may be complete and held for insertion into the appropriate place in the
production when that place emerges.  Dancers may feel something is missing and work
together to infuse life into a particular section.  Similarly, this conversation may be
between the self and the Mystery.


Excerpt: The Little Prince

“If you please, draw me a sheep…”
When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey.  Absurd as it might
seem to me, a thousand miles from any human habitation and in danger of death,
I took out my pocket a sheet of paper and my fountain-pen.  But then I
Remembered how my studies had been concentrated on geography, history,
Arithmetic and grammar, and I told the little chap ( a little crossly, too) that I did
Not know how to draw.  He answered me:
“That doesn’t matter.  Draw me a sheep…”
But I had never drawn a sheep.  So I drew for him on of the two pictures that
I had drawn so often.  It was that of the boas constrictor from the outside.  And I

was astounded to hear the little fellow greet it with, “no, no, I do not want an
elephant inside a boas constrictor.  A boa constrictor is a very dangerous creature,
and an elephant is very cumbersome.  Where I live,  everything is very small.
What I need is a sheep.  Draw me a sheep.
So then I made a drawing.
“No this sheep is already very sickly.  Make me another.”
So I made another drawing.
My friend smiled gently and indulgently.
“You see yourself, he said, “that this is not a sheep.  This is a ram.  It has horns.”
So then I did my drawing over once more.
But it too was rejected, just like the others.
By this time my patience was exhausted, because I was in a hurry to start taking
my engine apart.  So I tossed out this drawing.
“This is only his box.  The sheep you asked for is inside.”
“this is exactly the way I wanted it! Do you think that this sheep will have to
have a great deal of grass?”

Having a conversation is as simple and receiving the message and even if we think it
can’t be possible, asking a question or taking an action based on the information shared.
When my father was preparing to cross, in the midst of doing laundry I was told “the time
is at hand.”  I immediately went upstairs to my dad’s room.  In death passage one is
always immersed in energies that have much to say and wisdom to share if we are
Information from Spirit may fly in the face of all logic but we do what we are guided
anyway.  The day after my mother passed I kept being prodded to lie down even though
I felt there was no time.  In listening to the prompting and acting on it I was able to see
my mom and hear her say thank you.  What a profound confirmation of all we had done
Manifesting is the reward for all of our efforts.  Movement sequences begin to gel.  Pages
are completed.  Aspects of the project begin to have a shape and form.  We feel
exhilarated and the pace quickens.
As aspects begin to manifest, we feel the concept we originally conceived begin to stand
before our eyes.  One part might be complete; another may have weeks to go before
completion but we can see that soon it too will be a reality.

As we journey through the process of death passage we begin to see a pattern or have a
realization that there have been numerous messages or visions.  When these
communications feel certain, we understand that the conversation is actually taking place.
The vision has taken form and it is readily apparent to all eyes.  The dance, costumes,
lights staging and performers all converge to complete the manifestation of the vision.
It is a beautiful moment.
When we witness the entire scenario of a death passage in the expanded world, it is a
profound moment.  It does not necessarily mean that we have seen the whole but in
witnessing the soul arrive at the next level we realize a new depth to the universe and are
stunned by the incredible inspiration.
Questioning the Value
Hitting the wall of questioning the value is a frustration that one can often reach at some
point in the creative process.  One might question the project, the dance, the book, the
poem or the ability to accomplish the goal.  Wondering why there was even a thought to
undertake the project, one might even be certain that one will never do such a thing
Often we doubt the validity of the Unseen Forces even at the time of death passage.
Since we have been trained to the contrary, it takes courage to stand strong in our belief
until we reach the “knowing”.  Soygal Rinpoche states that recognition is one of the
greatest challenges in death passage.  One reason may be because the Greater World is
more subtle.  We have become so accustomed to seeing things through physical eyes that
when death passage is occurring we often continue to try to see in the same way.
Persevering is continuing at all cost.  One is overriding any perceived threats to success
by continuing.  Rehearsals occur as planned.  Pages are written.  We mentally tell
ourselves that in spite of difficulty, we are not going to stop.  This can happen for a
moment, a particular place or an entire production.
Death passage requires extraordinary perseverance.  We might be exhausted from the
intensity and duration of these unusually demanding circumstances but we keep on
Receiving the Infusion of Greater Energy
The infusion of greater energy is a direct result of moving past doubt, overriding nagging
thoughts, moving forward in spite of problems trying to sabotage.  Our egos have a
heyday with this aspect.  If we let that prevail, the project dies.  If we proceed, we can
move far beyond what we thought we could do.  It is truly an inspiration and deepens our
contact with the Mystery.
There is a feeling of great celebration when the infusion of greater energy occurs in a
death passage.  Although just moments before we may have been steeped in profound
grief, this opening changes our perception entirely.  This is a wonderful confirmation of
our contact with the Mystery.
When we have completed a pattern, a piece, or a production, we look with non personal
eyes to assess what we have produced.  We might ask: Is it greater than we expected?
Where do we go from here?  If we have achieved what we set forth to accomplish or
something better there is an amazing feeling of satisfaction and completion that is not
known in any other way.  This is a driving force behind the process.  Or, there might be
divine unrest.  This feeling is one in which the artist is never satisfied no matter the
brilliance of the work.  Genius has a propensity for inducing this feeling.
Death passage offers an amazing opportunity to rework our perceptions and expand our
limited beliefs.  In reflecting about death passage the beautiful awareness that emerges is
that we are much greater than we realize and have much to celebrate.  Also, we realize
that all of our lessons in this regard apply to life here.
Once understood, creative process can be used skillfully in Soul Passage Midwifery.
Although any leap into the void may feel intimidating, we have within us all the skills
necessary to make great change.  This is not nearly as difficult as one might suppose.  In
fact, the feeling of simplicity is what one feels after it is accomplished.  It is when we do
not understand the “how” that it feels very complex.  Change in perception is what we are
seeking.  Once our thoughts are in alignment with the Greater Purpose, our limited
definitions broaden significantly.
Families are in a unique position to have extended conversation with the Mystery over
time as their loved ones are preparing to make the transition.  This time in life is one of
intense focus and unusual circumstance.  For these reasons, it is a beautiful time to
explore and rework our perceptions.  While there is lots of activity which can take our
entire focus, simultaneously the Mystery is actively working with our loved ones to
prepare them.  The energies are often visibly present.  Worlds not previously apparent
open to embrace us.  If we are receptive, revelations greet us.  Departing loved ones are
our guides.  When we can meet them moment by moment with their process, the energy
can help open us to new perspectives.
The following examples with my parents share understandings of the creative process as
applied to their respective transitions.
My experience with my mom was quite literally a work in progress over a period of about
one year.  On Christmas Eve in 1992 I was meditating and received two powerful
messages.  The first was from Mother Mary.  Her message was “look to the Universal
Mother.”  I thought that was beautiful and certainly germane for all us since we are
moving into the direction of the return of the Great Mother as a palpable presence in our
world.  It did not occur to me that it was such a personal message.  The second vision was
of the Christ.  His message was “ye who are heavily laden, take my yoke.”  This is
always relevant so I encouraged myself to be more aware of working with Spirit with any
challenges which might be forthcoming.  Time moved on and we were into 1993.  In
January I began having dreams of a black dress.  I had no idea what the dress meant but
supposed it might be a forewarning of a death.  Since I didn’t know who it might be, I
kept living my life.
When the opportunity appeared for spring break to visit my parents in Florida, I flew
down for four wonderful days.  My mother looked tired and I assumed she must be
courting a seasonal flu or something akin.  Still it did not occur to me that either of my
parents might be close to dying.  This visit was the last time we were together as a family
in some place other than a hospital or nursing facility.
When I received the phone call from Mom in June telling me she had Leukemia, I was
totally shocked.  At that point doctors stated she might only live for one year which we
all thought was preposterous.  In actuality, she lived five short months three of which I

was able to spend with her.  Of course, I finally understood what the visions and the
dream of the black dress meant.  How deeply moved I was to have received any warning.
What a profound experience to realize the gift of communicating with Source.
Mom was very clear that she wanted me present for her passage.  She was in such pain
that she could not bear to be touched.  When she was close to crossing, the spontaneous
singing which came out of my voice was indeed a surprise.  Yet, I did not stifle it even in
the presence of all the family members gathered and hospital staff.  My mother calmed,
we were connected, so I knew she could hear me and it was helping. I believe that the
singing was a tremendous assistance in opening the portal way.  This was a key for all of
us.  If I had not had training in dance improvisation I do not know if I would have been
fluent with the constant change and all the surprises which met me through the process.  I
responded to every message or vision I received.
When I was walking my mother to the Other Side, it was the most natural thing in the
world even though I had never had any experience with death passage in this life time.
There was a fluidity which felt very much like improvisation.  The conversation or
collaboration was with the Unseen World which became more real than this world.  When
the angels sang and the Christ met us on the bridge of eternity, there was no question that
it was true and real.  The “knowing” was pure and clear.
Following the crossing when my mother appeared to me it was another time of
“knowing”.  These visions are gifts from Spirit.  They are the means for communication
between finite and Infinite.  There is no value in dismissing it as nothing, yet, we as a
culture are prone to do exactly that.  In accepting it as a communication intended for me,
my heart soared and my fears vanished.  I knew my mother was fine.  This is a creative
process, an adventure into the Mystery, a way to birth something new from the situation.
When engaging this Vastness, the potential for the unusual is magnified intensely.
To me, it is not a question of whether the communications are “real” but rather a question
of how to interpret them.  With practice, interpretation becomes easier like in learning
any language.  My mother as a person would absolutely want to say thank you to me
which is exactly what she did the day following her crossing.  Also, if she could bring a
gift, she would absolutely want to do that.  So, one month later, she did.  I don’t know
how to interpret this gift but my heart remains grateful for the thoughtfulness and the
I had the honor of having my dad in my home for one year prior to his crossing.  Through
the collaborative efforts of hospice, weekly home care visits, volunteers, and my care for
him, Dad was able to experience a profoundly peaceful transition.  Over the one year
timeframe of caring for him I occasionally would catch glimpses of my mother or of
angelic beings moving about in the house.  I was thrilled to see my paternal grandmother
several times.
As with my mother, several visions prepared me for Dad’s impending death.  For
example, in early fall my mother came to me in a vision to announce “Your father will go
soon and he will go quickly.”  Of course, with that I bounded out of bed and went directly
to his bedside.  This is one of those times where interpretation is a challenge.  It could
have happened that night.  In reality it was a couple of months, which, in the larger
picture is “quickly.”
“Listening” is a key when elders’ are preparing for a soul passage.  They are going
through many changes and will readily share these experiences if we are receptive.  They
are living moment to moment so we must meet them there.  Three weeks prior to my
dad’s crossing, he awakenened to find the words, “thank you for all the wonderful care.”
Two weeks prior to my dad’s crossing, he called me into his room in the middle of the
night and said, “I can’t live with you any more.”  I inquired about where he might be
going to which he replied, “to live with God.”  I found this amazing and tremendously
comforting.  Dad was ready and he wanted me to get ready.  Had I not been receptive and
“listening” I would have missed this vital information.
Three days prior to Dad’s crossing, the Christ, Sri Yukesteswar and Sri Yogananda came
to me to say “the time is at hand.”  What an amazing happening!  This is “conversation
with the Mystery” at its finest.  Being open, aware and receptive to having such a
conversation is critical to its success.  I am sure I was much more prepared to meet the
challenge of losing my parents because of the incredible spiritual support.  While others
might balk at the existence of this conversation, I believe we are demeaning ourselves by
not having this as a part of our daily lives.  Having this “conversation” breathes new life
into every situation we encounter.  There is an expanded awareness which can inform our
most pressing questions.  The revelation may seem a bit cryptic but when we take the
time to learn the language, the beauty that unfolds is stunning.  When we finally
understand that we are having a conversation with Vastness, and that we are a part of that
Vastness, our world view completely changes.
Unlike my mother, Dad required absolute silence.  The love and peace in his room were
exquisite.  For his last three weeks here, I went only to sit in meditation or to care for his
needs.  He was deeply immersed in a different world and was visibly disturbed by
interruption.  Prior to actually leaving this plane of existence, he called to me to be with
him and say good bye.  What a dear soul.  When he and my mom clamored for my
attention early one morning to say that he had arrived safely on the Other Side, I broke
down crying.  Everything had been so beautiful.  They were together and safe and wanted
to let me know.

One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all life.  While it may speak to us through
plants, nature spirits or human beings with whom we share the planet, all are reflections
of the deeper reality behind and within them.
The Findhorn Garden, Opening Statement

C H A P T E R   F I V E

I N T E R D I M E N S I O N A L   C O M M U N I C A T I O N
Soul Passage Midwives are working with interdimensional communication throughout
the process of a soul’s crossing.  Opening the door to this type of communication
involves several key components which include: an understanding of the importance of
both receptive and expressive language; change in operating perception; and
opportunities for practice in change of perception through communicating with subtle
Communicating requires both receptive and expressive language.  This holds true in

communicating with the Mystery.  Receiving information from Divine Essence is the
feminine portion of the relationship.  It is our receptive nature that invites and nurtures
the subtle energies of the two way conversation.  This aspect is meditative, listening, and
open to hearing the message.  Prayer, song, and speech represent the other part of the
equation.  This aspect is expressive, defining, and the masculine portion of the
relationship.  We need both aspects to have a two way communication with the Mystery.
Bear in mind that we live in a patriarchal civilization so the receptive aspect feels more
foreign or even unnecessary.  In his book, A New Earth, Tolle describes the destruction of
the feminine principle as one of the most devastating events in the history of our world:
“the suppression of the feminine principle, especially over the last two thousand
years has enabled the ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective
psyche….Nobody knows the exact figure because records were not kept, but it
seems certain that during the three hundred year period between three and five
million women were tortured and killed by the “Holy Inquisition,” an institution
founded by the Roman Catholic Church to suppress heresy.  This surely ranks
together with the Holocaust as one of the darkest chapters in human history.  It
was enough for a woman to show love for animals, walk alone in the fields or
woods, or gather medicinal plants to be branded as a witch, then tortured and
burned at the stake.  The sacred feminine was declared demonic, and an entire
dimension largely disappeared from human experience…”
Dr. Lauren Artress explains that, “we lost our connection to the invisible world.  We
turned against the imagination, grew to mistrust symbols, and devalued creativity.  Our
sense of the whole was lost. Unity is conceptually and experientially beyond the
grasp of human awareness until we unify reason and image.”    To assist us in regaining
an understanding of navigating these waters, Dr. Artress has brought forth the
remembrance of the Labyrinth as a tool for deepening our awareness through connecting
with the Unseen world and our own souls.  This is an incredible resource for Soul
Passage Midwives.
Though the dates are somewhat different, both the Mayan Calendar and Vedic scriptures
discuss Yugas, or cosmological 26,000 year cycles of which we are a part.  We have been
in the midst of charting the close of one cycle and opening the beginning of another.
Change is afoot.  If we can apply what we have learned about death passage, then the
energies overlap taking delicate care that the new is in place before the old falls away.
Current times find Jean Houston celebrating the return of the feminine and the emergence
of the “possible human.”  In her workshops she states that “these are the times and we are
the people” as she is witnessing people all over the world awakening.  Maia Nartoomid
writes of creating the New Earth Star through the transfiguration of earth as we know her.
This new way of being brings the Divine Feminine back into the foundation of our
existence opening the doors of consciousness awareness.  Each of these perspectives
brings a promise that we are leaping to something much greater than we have been
experiencing so we must stay open.
With the resurgence of the feminine principle, many all over the world are awakening to
lost gifts.  Most of us cannot conceive of what is coming because we are products of
modern society.  Yet, the feeling that something new is coming is unmistakable. Sharry
Edwards and Tom Kenyon are examples of using profound gifts which are altering the
way we perceive our world.  Each has a unique gift in sound healing which has brought
thoughtful discourse and unusual healing. Each is applying concepts of vibration to
challenges which we ordinarily wouldn’t think could possibly respond to notes or tones.
Individuals in every community are nudging us and leading us to new perceptions.
I do not believe cultures honoring the Sacred Feminine are afraid of death passage.
Indigenous people understand for they have not ever given up believing in the Living,
Breathing, Essence that is our birthright.  We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their
tenacity through the many years through which they have been continuously persecuted.
Without their tremendous courage, this awareness may have permanently left the human
psyche.  Likewise, mystical traditions continued include the Divine Feminine in their
ceremonial worship.  They, too, deserve our thanks.  Reclaiming this awareness and
moving forward to the next level of consciousness is easier for all because of their
Although there are likely many factors, stripping bare the Sacred Feminine is an obvious
contributor to the rigidity with which we view death passage.  The awakening opens the
door to understanding the miracle of the birth into the heavens as our new way of being
with transitioning.
Redefining our relationship with the Mystery is a creative journey that starts with
understanding the need for a change in the way we perceive the Omniscient Being.  One
way to find out what we actually believe in our hearts is to practice seeing this Divine
Essence from different perspectives. This is very personal and is different for every soul
on the planet.  While the process of death passage itself often changes long standing
beliefs, it is good to inquire before such time so to be in a place of clarity when assisting
the soul crossing. Following are some thoughts to consider in working through altering
perceptions of interacting with the Mystery.
By opening ourselves to a conversation with the Mystery or the Infinite, we are saying,
please infuse this situation with the wisdom of Vastness.  We are asking the question
“How?”  The blank canvas is at our doorstep.  We embrace creative process as our
template for negotiating this path.
The following poem describes a possible relationship with and the interplay between
finite and Infinite.  It can helpful for people to explore relating to the Mystery in this way
as a break in the portrayal of humans as unredeemable and heaven unattainable.  Rising
up from such a lowly place feels impossible.  If, however, we have a more lateral
relationship, everything feels not only more possible but zestfully intriguing.  We become
two sides of one coin with the communication between providing the impetus for change
and growth.
I am a Point of Light
I am a point of Light
I invite other points of Light to join with me to expand Light and Awareness.
I look to the All to provide the synchronous rhythm to carry us forward.
I delight in expanding connections throughout the Universe.
I am abundantly aware of many things happening simultaneously within the matrix of the
Great Being, the Great Being of which I am a part.
My point of Light can expand to embrace the All where answers are ever forthcoming.
My point of Light can stay small if I wish so that I experience the full impact of the
infinite variety of finite awareness.
Either way, the rhythm and being-ness of the All is enhanced.
The Symphonic Sound is rich and varied.
I am Love and Love is me.
Love is the ongoing Song that sings through the Infinite and the finite.
We are ONE.

We in the Western world have explored finite awareness with extreme precision.  While
we are prepared for amazing careers, we are not prepared for many life circumstances
and certainly not death passage.  The incredible suffering that people experience during
times of transition to the Greater World should alert us to this sad fact. Having a
conversation with Divine Essence changes the way we perceive death passage. We move
from a very narrow perspective to a more vast perspective which results in the loving and
caring for which we all yearn.  We come to understand the idea of spiritual birth.

For a visual representation, imagine an interrupted line across the page from Exploration
of Finite through Infinite Variety at one end to Exploration of Infinite Vastness on the
other.  Drawing an arc across the empty space between finite to Infinite energetically
defines the arena in which a conversation with Spirit takes place.  It is on a newly created
path opening to new experiences.

In creating a new production, the performing artist is stepping on to this path.  S/he
declares the intention to open to the wisdom of the Vastness.  Likewise, the author, the
mystic, the poet each set an intention for the project and each intends to engage the
Mystery.  Each also expects an infusion of energy greater than hers or his alone.
When a person is making a death transition, that person opens to the wisdom of the
Mystery.  Perceptual awareness shifts dramatically as the vibrations are intermingling and
expanding.  When Grandma talks of seeing her sister, Aunt Mary, who passed five years
ago, we accept this as fact and celebrate the “opening to seeing” for this passing elder.
When my father told me he was going to “live with God” he was in the “knowing.” If we
can see through these eyes we understand there is a creative unfolding through seeing,
feeling, hearing, knowing as steps towards embracing the transition.  The soul crossing is
infused with energies greater than his or hers alone.
Now, imagine multitudes of paths each creating new arcs across the space between the
line across the page.  These paths represent an infusion of new ideas from many different
souls creating an electrifying source of energy, change and growth.  Finite and Infinite are
working together to create ever new energetic solutions to problems and answers to
dreams.  When we think of the atom we don’t think of the dot in the middle, we think of
the energy circling around from the visual images presented to us.
Reflecting as Communication
Another way to think about communicating with Spirit is envisioning it as a process of
reflection back and forth between finite and Infinite, human and Divine.  Imagine two
circles, one small about one forth inch in diameter within a larger one about four inches
in diameter.  The smaller circle within the larger circle is encircled arrows around the
circumference pointing outward towards the inside of the larger circle.  Likewise, the
larger circle contains arrows around the circumference but these arrows are on the inside
pointing towards the smaller circle.  The energy, or conversation, is reflecting back and
forth between the arrows of the smaller and larger circles.
Considering this image helps to visually represent how we can receive messages through
many forms. We ask Spirit a question, then we keep ourselves alert for an answer.  Spirit
reflects back to us the answer.  A communication from Spirit can come in

any form quite literally.  An answer to a question might be a person knocking on our
door; it might be a dream; it might be a song.  Also, answers might come immediately or
may take months.  The important thing to realize is that we must remain vigilant in our
awareness because these answers are often subtle.  They only begin to seem obvious after
we have practiced listening and have learned the language of the subtle world.
Center Point Grid
Another possible way to perceive this creative journey is through looking at a Center
Point Grid.  Zero is the desired place from which to operate.  Each numeric
representation has its own perspective.  To come to balance we need to shift our
perspective towards the zero at center.  When we are at that balance point, we can see this
then becomes the new norm.

-3  -2  -1          0                +1                 +2                  +3
_.___________.___________ __________.________.__________.___________.______
Center Point
From the performing arts perspective, in dance we speak of moving from our center.
This center is often imagined by envisioning a thread going from the heavens through the
core our bodies and into earth.  Moving from this awareness and concentrating on
spotting allows us to execute beautiful pirouettes without falling.
Similarly, when walking someone across the threshold, if we stay at the energetic center,
we are able to complete the task with balance and awareness.  Holding the center and at
the space between worlds, we can see a wide spectrum including this world and the
Greater World.  Once this process is internalized, it is easier to hold center when involved
in a death passage.  Anything which tries to pull us away from his place of awareness is
not allowed to interrupt our focus.
Experiential Perceptual Changes

As we practice seeing through different eyes, our operating perception begins to shift.
To experience a visible change in perception try the following examples on line:
**Turning doll.  Watch this turning doll to see if you can get her to change
direction.  Many people have learned to see her turn both ways and are amazed
at how their perception of reality changes.  Youtube, January 3, 2008; Right
Brain, Left Brain Optical Illusion.
**Sound and Sand.  Observe the sand taking shape in response to sound.  This
seems impossible to the mind and yet it clearly is happening in this sequence.; click tour, click scientific premise; click youtube demo
(samus1421, May 15, 2006).

There are unending ways of practicing change in perception once there is the realization
this is a requirement for understanding the shift from this dimension to another.  We
begin to realize that what we perceive as solid fact is a perception which can be changed.
Death passage then becomes a more fluid process rather than someone being
solidly “here” and then solidly over “there”.

Opening our perception to different realms surrounding us in every day life is an
excellent way to practice skills necessary to be present for death passage.  Practicing
daily with these subtle vibrations is often easier than making the leap at the time of death
passage because there isn’t the tremendous emotional challenge.   Beings in the subtle
realms are very much interested in a collaborative journey and they very lovingly
respond.  It is not that they constantly chatter like we do but that our communications can
intersect at important times.  Lynne Mc Taggart tells us that research states that nature has
a will to connect rather than dominate.  Through releasing, deepening and expanding;
using creative process and meditative focus; we become one with the space between
when engaging this energy.  This is the same type of energetic change we appear to be
engaging throughout the process of death passage.
Communicating with the subtle aspects of the Mystery is a very creative and dynamic
process.  This improvisation is always fresh, new and alive.  The moment to moment
sequence of events keeps us riveted and challenged in ways that we are never challenged
in every day life.  Yet, the wisdom gleaned readily applies to situations in our daily lives.
Earth Mother
To begin understanding opening to subtle realms, Native American Spirituality is an
amazing resource.  Native people see all beings as living beings including Earth Mother.
Dhyani Ywahoo, of the Cherokee nation, shares this beautiful visualization to assist in
connecting with Earth Mother:
Subtle communication begins in the heart, in your affirmation of resonance
with the clear light essence within yourself and all beings.  Visualize the

three fires burning in the sacrum – will, compassion, active mind – and see
the two spirals of light dancing in your spine, sun, and moon, mother and father.
At the heart center visualize the two triangles, apex to apex, and sense above the
head the seven stars, seven gateways of subtle knowing, whence cascades

purifying rainbow light, vivifying your body and mind.  Sitting in the light, allow
a vision of peace to arise in the mind’s eye of your heart.  See yourself and your
relatives peaceful, your co-workers and community, your neighborhood and
extended family, your nation and planet.  How would it look, how would it feel,
how would it be, the world peaceful, all beings at peace, all needs fulfilled
in harmony, all resources of Earth appreciated and returned through the gifts
of the people?  In your heart see the generosity and see Mother Earth giving
abundantly that all may eat.  Feel yourself as clear, flowing water, the waters
that may be renewed.  Contemplate this beauteous vision; let it infuse and
permeate your mind.

Now, from your heart, from the heart of this peaceful vision, send a beam of light
to the very heart of Earth, and communicate upon that beam of light your radiant
vision of a peaceful people, peaceful planet.  Communicate to Mother Earth
children’s dream of love and harmony that it may manifest for all beings in all
worlds.  Three times send the message of peace out along the heart’s ray of light
to the crystal heart of Earth; then pause.  Await the returning pulse.  Feel the
energy, acknowledge communion.  Recognize, acknowledge the relationship of
thought.  Rest awhile in happy communion, dreaming with Earth a dream of
peace. In closing, draw light beam back into heart, draw all energies into the
light spiral in your spine.  Give thanks.  It is good.
When I first experienced this process I was amazed to receive the returning beam of light
straight into my heart.  It was pure, loving and powerful.  This type of communication
opens us to understanding the larger sphere of awareness which our loved ones preparing
to transition to the Greater World are also learning.

Nature Spirits
Nature spirits are very closely intertwined with us and our lives.  When we can open to
seeing and hearing these beautiful beings, they are wonderful companions on the journey.
They can see things that we do not understand and happily share their knowledge with us.
The Findhorn Community has applied this type of collaborative effort to develop
astounding gardens in Scotland.  When gardening, try asking a nature spirit a question for
which you do not have the answer.  The reply will surprise and delight you.

Chanting is a beautiful approach to help us to center and to connect with subtle realms.
The Heart Chant, from Dhyani Ywahoo, is an excellent way to express our deep love.   I
first heard this chant when Dhyani spoke in Boulder.  She explained that this is an
expression of love of the clear light essence.  English only has one word for love which
so often feels inadequate.  Chanting the Heart Chant brings a depth into the expression of
love that far surpasses the limitations of the English language.

Ah Ah Ah        Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah :}
Ah Tesh-na-ay na; Ah Tesh-na-ay na
Ah ni ko ko nay
Ah ni ko nay
Tesh na Ha Ha :
As we are beginning to learn to change our perceptions and opening to subtle energies
this is a good starting point because nature spirits respond very sweetly and directly.  To
begin, think about an aspect of nature which makes your heart sing.  If it is wild flowers,
sing the Heart Chant sitting in a meadow of wildflowers every day until a response is
received.   If it is rock beings then sit on the same rock outcropping and sing the Heart
Chant.   Await response by using the creative process techniques of listening, allowing
unfolding and creating a conversation.  Use journaling to track all that you hear and feel.
Mirror writing is a wonderful skill to use to bypass the left brain.  Try sitting in nature,
asking a question and recording the response with mirror writing.  When we begin having
this two way communication, we begin to actually understand the living essence of all.
A beautiful communication that I received from a tree being follows:

In December of 2004 my daughter and I purchased a stunning live blue spruce
tree in a pot for our Christmas celebration in Santa Fe.  I told the tree at
the time  that we were moving back to Colorado and we would plant her in the high
mountains where a blue spruce could thrive.  December of 2010 finds the tree still
in the pot in front of our house.  I feel guilty for not keeping my promise.
Walking towards the tree one evening at dusk I tell the tree how badly I feel about
not caring for her properly.  Her response is astounding:

“It is my deep honor to light the way for the Christ child.”
This little tree is the only tree to have Christmas lights each year.  We look forward to the
beauty cast as she welcomes us home in the cold and snow in the dark.  She has been
doing this for eight years now.  She has had a good life.  All is well.
Likewise, years a go I had a geranium plant in the house that I thought needed trimming.
When I inquired if she would like that, to my surprise she said no.  In fact, she kept
saying no until she was twenty feet tall reaching towards the peak of the A-frame house.

In working with death passage I always sing to the departing soul.  The Heart Chant is
one chant I use frequently.  It has always been both deepening and expanding for souls
crossing the threshold regardless of the language barrier.   Holding energetic center is
critical as is feeling comfortable with communicating with other realms.

Connecting with Pets
Animal lovers are all certain that pets have important things to say.  Connecting with
them telepathically is a wonderful way to practice the skill and opens doors to a very
interesting relationship.  When I am able to connect with my pets, I often receive pictures
as in the following example.
My cat Pierre was gone for many days.  I was beside myself with concern for his

wellbeing.  I called and called to no avail.  Finally, when I thought I could bear it
no more, I received two pictures in my meditation.  The first picture showed me
that he was injured and hiding in rock outcropping to be safe from predators.  The
second showed a deer caring for him.  The love between the deer and the cat was
beautiful.  Two days later, Pierre returned home, injured and limping, but ok.
I have also received words from a pet as in the following example:
When my cat Felice was just one year old she wanted to sprout her independence
and went off on a trek.  Four days was a long time for such a tiny one to be out in
the wild of the forest.  When I finally connected with her she said, “I come
bringing greetings”.   The next day she returned happy and healthy.
In these examples, I am inquiring about the wellbeing of another.  I am opening to the
wisdom of Vastness.  Also, I am listening, allowing, unfolding and creating a
Throughout a death passage telepathic communication is the most natural thing in the
world.  It is fluent and simple.  Once we connect energetically, the conversation happens.
We do not have to “make” it happen.  Our souls know this realm well.
Connecting with the Soul
As skills in listening improve we can focus on having this interchange with our soul.
While we can also start at this juncture, it is sometimes difficult to discern the answers.
Interestingly, once we have gotten feedback from Earth Mother, nature spirits or pets, it is
easier to recognize answers from our soul.
Communicating with the soul is wondrous journey.  Our soul guidance comes from the
connection with higher spiritual realms and is very insightful.  To connect with the soul,
undertaking a meditation practice, yoga or walking the labyrinth helps us live from a
more centered point of view.  Select a practice which feels deep and heartfelt.
Techniques such as applied kinesiology or the pendulum also can assist in soul
knowledge as can studying the I Ching.  There are many approaches for each of these and
all are highly developed skills which take time to learn. If time is of the essence, try to
find someone already trained to assist.  Basic information, like learning the soul name,
can be an important step in expanding perception.
Once familiar with the process, we can ask our soul a question and use creative process in
listening for the answer.  A soul’s answers can come in any form.  Be alert for dreams and
communication through meditation as well as thoughts as immediate feedback.

Soul Perspective:  (06/08/10)
Being in communication with the current physical form is a soul’s great joy.
Working together brings a new vibration into existence which opens many doors.
When beginning to work on this book I inquired of my soul each day for a
month to gain an understanding of her perspective on death passage and Soul Passage

Soul Perspective  (06/08/10)
Soul Passage Midwives lovingly work with thoughts, intentions, fears,
energies, universal laws, perceptions.  They connect with souls
in need of assistance when entering or leaving through portal ways.
In death passage, often on earth now the personality has no awareness
of the soul, thus the terror is stark and real.  To have to learn to trust
this process and to transition all at the same time is a large task indeed.

A Soul Passage Midwife can assist the personality and soul to have
this conversation prior to death passage so that the soul goes forward
in strength to the appropriate place and the personality is spared upheaval
and terror.  When separation of the ego occurs, the person is aligned with the
soul and simply feels the fading of a part no longer necessary, as in putting
away childhood toys.  The joy and ecstasy of merging with the soul
is a beautiful and powerful experience.  It proceeds like positive growth
moving forward with the continuum of universal life stages.

Once the doors are open to communicating with the Soul, there are no limits on
the avenues available for sharing a message.  We begin to expect the unexpected yet
never know for certain exactly what that will entail.
Soul to Soul Communication
The experiences contained in the preceding chapters are all examples of soul to soul to
soul communication.  This expanded awareness makes our lives larger, richer and
in harmony with the natural order.  These encounters are based on universal law, not on
any man made pronouncements.  Souls understand this intuitively.  It is not that we have
to now memorize the universal laws, things naturally operate from this higher
perspective.  For those interested, Simeon Nartoomid has written an excellent resource
entitled:  The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness.
When our elders are passing, they come into oneness with this way of being.  The frantic
doing which once moved them from activity to activity is no longer is applicable.  It is a
beautiful transition to witness.
Connecting with the Angelic Realms and Spiritual Beings
Spiritual beings of all kinds and angels specifically are very much attuned to serving
earth people.  They work on our behalf whether we realize it or not and respond to
requests whether we realize it or not.  One critical requirement is clarity of the request.  If
we are not clear, the answer we are seeking may not be forthcoming because we do not
recognize the response as such.
When I first began asking angels I did not know which one to invoke so I invited all of
them.  They are very willing to infuse any step with energy where we feel uncertain.
Often I also simply ask that they send whoever can be of most help at the time.  Through
the years, certain angels have been consistently present because of the focus of my work
with death passage.
The responses experienced with Earth Mother, nature spirits and pets are similar subtle
messages as are those experienced with the angels.  Start with the natural inclination
which has already been practiced then try different ways to expand perceptual abilities.
Repeating the process is what develops skill.  Keep a journal to help understand personal
preferences and ways of working which feel natural as well as those which are
successful.   There is not only one correct approach!
Believing is the other part of the equation.  The mind tries to discount all of these
conversations because it wants to be in charge.  Once we understand the antics of the
mind, they cease to have such importance.  We begin listening to more subtle messages
and charting a much larger course.  Then “believing” becomes “knowing” through
experience and the mind not only realizes its rightful place, but also we realize its rightful
Recognizing an answer from an angel takes practice with creative process in listening,
allowing, unfolding and having a conversation.  The responses are always loving in
nature and can come through words, feelings, visual pictures, knowing (ah ha moment)
etc. The list is endless.  I have had clouds form in the sky as an answer to a
pressing question.  Divination cards have helped many people in this regard.  Practice
listening daily to give an avenue for receiving responses.  Once practiced, conversing
with angels becomes as natural as any other conversation.  This becomes a beautiful way
of life.

Archangel Sandalphon  (10/06/11)
Open the heart to remember the abundant assistance.  Our mission
is to help the knowing and ease the way.  Learn this lesson well.
Act upon an insight with genuine caring.

Archangel Azreal  (10/10/11)
Marked change invites our intercession.  Death passage
appears as an energetic fountain.  When wishing to direct
the movement of energy, come to clear knowing before acting.
When my mother was making her transition, I was surprised but thrilled when I first
encountered the angels.  They help all transitioning souls; we can rest in that knowledge.
To request assistance from an angelic presence try the following process:
Request for Angelic assistance:

Archangel Jophiel, I honor you and bless you
I invite you into my heart
Chant the Heart Chant or sing a loving song
My question today is:
Await the answer using the steps in creative process.
Listening, allowing, unfolding, conversation
Record the question and answer in a journal.
Give thanks
Ask another question or act on the information given
Give thanks, close the session.

To continue the conversation once it begins we must act on the information received or
ask another question.  This can feel a little challenging at times.  Yet, if we are going to
work with beings from the Greater World, we need to incorporate their advice into our
world.  One reason for keeping a journal of our questions and answers is to help us
recognize that we ARE having an actual conversation.
Two beautiful examples of messages from Spirit which I can share include one on the
following page which happened in Denver, Colorado.  From this message it is clear that I
was encouraged to write this work.  The other example cannot be translated in electronic
publications so it will be up on my website for readers to see.  There is an etching of an
angelic being that graces a door in my home.  She appeared to assist me through
cushioning a fall and to bless this work.  In completing this book I am acting on the
messages from Spirit.
2 4     J U L Y   2 0 1 0
Driving on I-25, I am watching for the Hwy 36 cutoff to Boulder following a splendid
day at the Dragon Boat Festival in Denver.  It is approximately 5 pm. I am looking
forward to having dinner with my fourteen year old daughter and her friends who have
just performed Lion Dance and Kung Fu at the Festival.  Traffic is flowing and not overly
dense.   It is a bright, beautiful summer day in Colorado.
Suddenly before me in the brilliant skies I see an enormous book emerge open to a
specific page. The page reads:
Parmahansa Yogananda
I understand that the list, most of which I cannot read, includes Spiritual Beings and
Angelic Presences who are going to contribute to the book I am writing.  They are to be
included in the acknowledgements when the book is complete.  I am overwhelmed.
Sobbing pours forth in copious amounts.  As I drive over the ridge and can see Boulder, it
is stunning and I am transported back to 1971 when I first drove into Boulder as a young
woman.  “New birth, new life” resounds in my mind.
Still sobbing, I wonder how I am going to go out to dinner.  I pull into the drive of the
Kung Fu studio and wait for my daughter to come out.  When she gets to the car, she
looks at me and says “Oh mama, what’s wrong?”  I say “It is good, do not worry, I have
had a beautiful spiritual experience!”  She says, “Oh…. Let’s go eat!”  She and her
friends get in the car.  Indeed, we do have a good time.
As we open to trying to understand how to work with the Mystery and practice bringing
this awareness into our experience, a gentleness moves into our lives and many beliefs
which create limitation are lifted.   A simplicity for which we have yearned opens to greet
our hearts no matter the franticness of our society.  Simultaneously, our world expands
exponentially bringing the wondrous into our lives.  Particularly at the time of a death
passage, this is a very welcome occurrence.


In Tibetan the word for body is lu, which means “something you leave behind”, like
baggage.  Each time we say “lu”, it reminds us we are only travelers, taking temporary
refuge in this life and in this body.
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Soygal Rinpoche

C H A P T E R    S I X

M E D I T A T I V E   F O C U S

In seeking to describe the state in which I am immersed when walking souls to the Other
Side, I share five quotes from my journals.  These five states of being can be used as
meditative focus for Soul Passage Midwives and families planning to accompany loved
ones across the threshold.  One can also write one’s own to serve as stepping stones to
remembrance of the place in consciousness.

It is from the above perspective that one enters the portal way into the expanded world to
witness the incredible beauty of a death passage or birth of new consciousness.  Anything
less does not contain the key.

When my mother crossed over, before I could be in this place I had to sob and sob.  The
overwhelming grief had to release before I could be in a place to receive the messages
from Divine Essence.  I returned to her room to find it filled with the majestic radiance of
angelic presence and vivid color emanating from the subtle realms.  It was like walking
into an enchanted fairy kingdom with all the love, joy and deep peace that one would
wish.  My mother never looked more beautiful or pure. The flowers sang gently of the
newness of life. Angels gave promise of caring for all of the details for which I had no
In preparing for a death passage, we must look through this lens of perception.
We cannot go forward dragging all of the perceived problems which our minds have
replayed and magnified over time. These problems do not have to be solved before we
are allowed to transform. We need to grieve our monumental loss and shift our attention
the higher awareness.  When we peer through the eyes of the soul, we find fluidity with
this process that is welcoming.

This certainty is a depth of knowing that does not waver. As a state of pure awareness, it
is impenetrable by thoughts and emotions. The rhythm of Divine Heart beats always with
clarity and purpose.
While I was singing to my mother during her last two hours here, all of the activities of
the nursing home were in full blossom.  She had been there for three weeks having been
taken from the hospital to see my father who was upstairs recuperating from a massive
stroke.  There were carts moving up and down the hall, voices over the loud speaker,
people coming and going.  Outside there was a storm raging with all the intensity of a
Hollywood production. None of this interfered.  There was a purposeful rhythm to all, the
dance of life on its various levels of consciousness playing out in my field of awareness:
people helping people, flowers pulsing joyous color, lightning and thunder piercing the
day, blessed angels helping my mother.  While I had no idea what was going to happen
next, I was absolutely resting in the Heart of Divine Presence.
We are one with Divine Timing and the Greater Rhythm. The shift to knowing that all is
cared for is different from being immersed in the state of duality in which the mind reins.
Knowing is a peaceful presence which acts more like a witness to the energy moving
through its sphere of awareness.  Things might be problematic but when released from
judgment they are not empowered and thus fade.  In spite of how things seem we must
keep our thoughts focused on this higher knowing.
This is definitely a receptive state where we always keep the door open for Spirit to show
us the true way.  Answers provided by Spirit are sublimely elegant in the most precise
definition of the word.  There is optimal use of energy and all needs are considered.
Listening in this way removes the stress of having to figure out things beyond our sphere
of accomplishment.
When I was walking my mother to the Other Side, I had no idea what might transpire
next.  In gazing intently through my third eye, I could vividly see that we were walking in
a heavy fog. Its density obscured all else.  I didn’t know what the fog was or where we
were going.  The only map was my internal sonar.  So, I kept walking with my mom in
my arms and I kept listening for the next insight to learn what to do.  Meanwhile, on this
dimension I was singing continuously at her bedside.  I was absolutely focused and
absolutely open.
Experiencing a death passage requires that we become absolutely focused and stay
absolutely open.  We don’t know exactly what is going to happen or how.  What an
amazing mystery!  What if we listen for that next insight to be revealed instead of fearing
what the culture would have us believe is catastrophe.  How would this impact our
journey?  Certainly it is more joyful and it creates many more options.


Nothing else matters except for this moment and this process.  The curiosity aroused has
us poised for action when the need arises.  As a choreographer I work with improvisation
to allow for the unfolding of the Mystery.  No one knows exactly what will happen next
or how the piece will develop.  A movement challenge presents itself and an answer
unfolds within the context of the current moment.  Everyone celebrates enormously when
a new expression emerges.  The creation is genuinely embraced as a pinnacle of
achievement felt in every heart.
As I continued walking in the fog with my mother in my arms, listening with the attitude
of wonder, awe and reverence; resting in certainty that we are all a part of one Luminous
Essence; firmly rooted in the moment, we came to a magnificent bridge.  What a surprise
this was! We had no idea where the bridge went, to whom it might belong, or what its
purpose in the middle of the fog might be. In the spirit of the moment, we began walking
over it.   As we entered the Sacred Silence, we responded to this depth through becoming
one with the silence.  Angelic music then emerged moving us more and more deeply into
sacred awareness.  Staying receptive moment by moment while continuously deepening
allowed us to take in the vastness of the love of the Christ.
In my experience, every soul passage is incredibly unique.  To give additional
understanding of the diversity of soul preferences, I share two additional examples.
In 1996 I walked my Aunt Liz across. I was in Colorado with my infant daughter and
Aunt Liz was in Maryland.  When we first met in expanded consciousness, Aunt Liz said
she wasn’t ready, that she would like to get her spirit legs so she could walk herself.  I
said ok and that I would be back later.  When I next checked in, she was sitting on the
precipice between worlds simultaneously taking in The Greater All and the wonder of her
life. We agreed that I would return later.
The next day Aunt Liz had her spirit legs and walked with the strength and clarity which
were so characteristic of her life.  We shared a few brief moments and then began
walking together.  As with my mother we came to the deep fog where we could see
nothing.  We continued walking and listening intently. The Sacred Silence engulfed us.
Suddenly, the fog opened and my Aunt Liz flew into her mother’s arms.  We were
completely encircled by angels beaming enormous love towards the two reunited souls in
the center of the circle.  When I left, I had the impression that all of the angels would stay
there beaming love towards these two souls for all eternity if that was what they wanted.
I worked with Pamela in 1997.  She was in Massachusetts and I was in Colorado.  Pamela
did not want to leave.  Throughout her process there was a sense of Spirit

scrambling to get her used to the idea of the Spirit World before her body failed.  Her
mind played this song over and over:
I don’t understand the crashing of the sea
Why one has to leave is a mystery to me.
To assist Pamela, I offered many prayers and several Buddhist practices.  She was very
clear that she did not like strangers which of course included me.  Her original
instructions were that I could observe but not interact.  I agreed to this not knowing if it
would ever change. After several days, however, she was much more relaxed and allowed
me to sit and actually hold her hand.  At this incredible moment we became all mothers
and daughters in the Big Sky. She and I both reveled in the exceptional joy of this all
encompassing moment.
A few days later, I checked in and found Pamela as a babe in the arms of Mother Mary.
This was an extraordinarily touching moment because I could feel the tenderness in
Pamela with the opening of her heart and the vastness of the Eternal Love of Mother
Mary.   Ten days after I first met Pamela, I was on the phone when the Holy Spirit
arrived.  Our home was immediately transformed into an amazing sacred temple filled
with the True Essence.  I quickly hung up and went to meditate.
I connected with Pamela and we began a long, slow walk filled with many stairs.
Pamela had difficulty walking and was very stooped over but was dedicated with will and
purpose.  Midway we stopped to wait for her daughter.  Pamela lay down with her head
in my lap.  I asked if she would like a pillow but she said there was no need.  We had a
long wait but finally the energies would pause no more.  We continued and soon we
arrived at the precipice between worlds.  From this perch, we could see a splendid City of
Only a few moments after arriving at this perch, multitudes of clouds rolled in and we
could see nothing.  Pamela suddenly gave me a huge hug.  Wow!   What a fabulous
moment.  Just then I heard a voice instructing me not to go any further.  I said “I can’t
just leave her here!”  Ha!  Then I quickly reconsidered.  I said good bye to Pamela and
turned to walk slowly down the long, long stairs.  As I walked down, Pamela began to
grow as big as the sky until she became one with the sky exuding a magnificent Celestial
Song in which we were both enveloped.  Tears of gratitude and more tears flowed.
Surprisingly, Pamela did not leave at that that moment.  She chose to leave the following
With every soul’s journey, the feeling emerges anew that there is incredible purpose in
every moment and the ability to embrace this allows the space for creative unfolding to
appear.  The foregoing examples demonstrate this basic tenet:  the Creatrix enjoys endless
creativity.  When we can be present in the moment, we celebrate this aspect of ourselves.
In our challenge to move out of the constricted reality of the mind, entering through a
higher portal way allows the mind to step aside without grasping to maintain control.
Through learning to look with wonder, awe and reverence; resting in certainty that we are
all a part of One Luminous Essence; staying rooted in the moment and allowing creative
unfolding, we are open for attunement with Divine Essence. This is the very essence that
creates universes with extraordinarily loving thoughtfulness for each delicate flower and
each unique snowflake.  Something vibrantly new can now emerge.  Once this energy is
fully embraced, the mind does not have to worry about having all the answers.  In fact,
in this state of consciousness it feels like the mind is happily in its proper place.
I did not question the voice or the experiences while in process with my mother, and yet,
my mind did question intensely the next day wondering if I had made it all up to help
myself feel better.  While in my parents’ bedroom packing some things to take to the
funeral home, I kept feeling like I had to lie down. At such a busy time, I had no room for
idleness my mind thought.  Finally, the energies so intensified that I succumbed.  As I
allowed myself to relax, my mother appeared!  She looked radiantly beautiful and had
returned to say thank you!  In the following months, she returned several times to bring
me gifts from the Other Side.  Truly, there are no words to express the feelings at this
Witnessing a soul passage can feel a bit precarious.  One way through the rather daunting
opportunity is to focus on the higher portal way and the new life while taking care of the
daily tasks.  When we do this, the mind can relax bringing an ease into our lives in
unexpected ways.  Certainly this is consistently what I experience when walking
individual souls to the Other Side.   Divine Grace is ever present and ever flows into
situations with the utmost caring and love.  We are forgiven for all misinterpretations and
ignorant actions.  As we make way for the new life to be revealed through attunement
with Divine Essence, perhaps we help open the path for a new way of perceiving death
passage to become the norm.
Gone was the sorrow of parting.  The pity and grief for his death, long the robber of my
peace, now fled in start shame.  Bliss poured forth like a fountain through endless, newly
opened soul pores.
Autobiography of a Yogi, Parmahansa Yogananda
C H A P T E R    S E V E N
I remember as a small child being told that we do not talk about death.  My young mind
was more perplexed about this than anything else.  My thought was if everyone “dies”
then surely it is a good topic for discussion.  Still, going to heaven was about all that was
In my junior year in high school I was required to read The American Way of Death, an
expose on the funeral industry.  Like many young people in my class, I was horrified.
That same year, my beloved dog and childhood companion died.  I was stunned to silence
that my dog was put to sleep without any warning or moment to say good bye.
Recovering from this experience was long and arduous.

As a young woman of twenty two years I was called to my paternal grandmother’s
bedside.  My older brother and I spent some time alone with this amazing woman.  We
actually talked about her impending death.  She was very clear.  We asked if she was
afraid; she said no.  This beautiful gift I carry with me always.  From this simple gesture,
the healing of my heart was clear and life moved on.
When I read Autobiography of a Yogi my heart ached as Sri Yogananda described the loss
of his mother when he was only a boy “When we reached our Calcutta home, it was
only to confront the stunning mystery of death. I collapsed into an almost lifeless state.
Years passed before any reconciliation entered my heart.”  The healing he sought finally
came when the following words from Divine Mother entered his heart:

It is I who have watched over thee, life after life, in the
tenderness of many mothers.  See in My gaze the two
black eyes, the lost beautiful eyes, thou seekest!
This gives us insight into the heart of a great Master who wishes to share wisdom with us.
Through lifting our vibration and expanding our awareness, we too can move through the
grief to feel true celebration.
Later in the book, Sri Yogananda, inquires meticulously about life in the hereafter from
his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar.  Sri Yukteswar vividly describes his new life in a chapter
dedicated to his journey in the Great Beyond.  The following excerpt gives a brief
glimpse of the astral universe:
The astral universe, made of various subtle vibrations of color and
light, is hundreds of times larger than the material cosmos.  The entire
physical creation hangs like a little solid basket under the huge
luminous balloon of the astral sphere.  Just as many physical suns and
stars roam in space, so there are also countless astral solar and stellar
systems.  Their planets have astral suns and moons, more beautiful than
the physical ones.  He astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis-the
sunny astral aurora being more dazzling than the mild-rayed moon –
aurora.  The astral day and night are longer than those of earth.”
Describing friendship, Sri Yukteswar recounts, “Rejoicing in the
immortality of friendship, they realize the indestructibility of love,
often doubted at the time of the sad, delusive partings of earthly life”
The detail and intrigue of this description give us information to take into our hearts to
further our intuitive understanding of the Great Beyond.  Imagine many different
souls recounting their experiences for our collective benefit!  From the simple examples
given here it is apparent that more information inspires and heals our hearts.  Rather than
keeping death passage in the closet, it is imperative that we talk, share and learn from our
collective experiences.
Meditative Instruction
In the last chapter we learned that Spirit can communicate through any avenue.
Meditation is one such example.  Instruction can be given as in a school room using this
technique.  Having learned well how to listen, the channel is open for fluent
Holding the Presence
On the 18th of June I enter my morning meditation and am met with the message that
Daya Mata, the Sangha Mata of Self Realization, is preparing for her transition.  Sri
Yogananda asks me to go to be with her.
In my third eye I watch myself drive to where she is.  She and I then walk
over to a special space for her to prepare.  It becomes a “school” so I
understand that this will be instructional for me.  I help Daya Ma into the
school and we find the room where she is to go.  I assist her in walking down
a ramp and we walk to a beautiful chamber where she will be.  This vision
changes to a Holy Temple which is filled with many people and spiritual
beings to wish her well.  I feel the enormous love and profound honoring that
everyone holds for this unique soul.  We walk up 3 steps and I help her into
the elevated bed chamber where she is to lie down.  When she is settled, it is
time for me to depart.
As I enter my morning meditation on the 19th of June I am greeted with this same
All of the beings gathered in the Holy Temple are chanting and singing
with great reverence.  My soul stands apart to observe and take
instruction.  Parmahansa Yogananda appears in his ochre robe looking
as he does in the commemorative painting gracing the walls of his
memorial temple in Ranchi, India.  He hovers just above Daya Ma and
those gathered sitting in the lotus position linking all together in
meditation feeling the Holy Presence of the Infinite.  This is called
“Holding the Presence” I am told and am shown that it is like nesting
dolls: Daya Mata, Sri Yogananda, The Christ and Angelic Presences,
Divine Mother.
We are infused with the profound love of Divine Mother and the deep
awareness of Christ Consciousness in this meditation for Daya Mata
and everyone present.  As we breathe together the Oneness is apparent
and the joy of this deep communion is blessed.  Suddenly, the entire
vision changes and Sri Yogananda is with me at my home.  He hovers
in the same lotus position.  We “Hold the Presence” together for a long,
long time until I fall asleep. At this point I do not know if Daya Mata is
actually preparing for her transition or if this is only instructional.  In
December of 2010, I learn that Daya Mata passed in November.
As I begin using this meditation in my work with assisting souls crossing, it is
obvious that all souls can go to the Holy Temple. This is totally beyond any one
denomination.  Both warm and welcoming, it feels like a point in consciousness where
souls, angels, spiritual advisors, light beings from far and wide meet to work on issues
having to do with spiritual realms; like it is a familiar meeting place known throughout
the cosmos. I integrate this into my work and ask souls if they would like to experience
the Holy Temple.
Reciprocal Relationships
A further explanation of Holding the Presence is presented in this meditation on
the 5th of July 2010.   Reciprocal Relationships requires an energetic focus to help
our loved ones preparing for and moving through a transition.

Kindness…..Joy…….Precious Awareness…..The Great Song

Vortex pulling down
Don’t get caught in the vortex

Thus, through Holding the Presence we are helping our loved ones with the antidote to
the vortex of lower vibration thinking.  As we share kindness, joy, precious awareness we
are a part of The Great Song moving with deliberate awareness through love with nothing
to obstruct.
A further explanation of Holding the Presence given by Simeon Nartoomid deepens
understanding.  Simeon explains that this nesting theory is a foundational metaphysical
concept in which vast energy becomes more and more individuated then recalls and
reabsorbs the individuated energies.  This applies to the entire universe including moons,
planets, stars, nebulae and smaller energies as human bodies, cells, protons, neutrons.
Envisioning beautiful Russian nesting dolls is also a useful image to help us understand
that the individual is contained within the all.
Peering Eyes
On July 7 of 2010 I again have an experience with Sri Yogananda in my meditation.
He shows me that while “Holding the Presence” I can look through the
eyes of saints, angels and light beings gathered to receive answers to
questions when walking souls to the other side.  For example, if I am
walking a Native American and would like to sing something in the
Native tongue, I can invite Native Spiritual Elders and peer through
those eyes.  This beings consciousness will share indigenous music,
prayers, and understandings to help the soul crossing.  Sri Yogananda’s
appearance is again as his life size portrait in Ranchi, India.
As I begin integrating this technique into my work I find it greatly fascinating.  It is
difficult to believe that I can actually do this but I keep practicing.  My first questions are
for angels when I am helping a soul to cross.  One time I just stood in the Holy Temple
and asked if anyone had any comment and amazingly, White Eagle answered.  These
encounters always result in gleaning information which I do not know.  The time I helped
three souls merge into a beautiful etheric flower and then separate out to help their
understanding of death passage and the cosmos was wonderful fun.  This Holy Temple
also seems to serve as a school for Light Beings learning about working with humans.
Beings from around the cosmos apparently come for instruction.
Insights from Angelic Presences
In March of 2011 while in meditation I inquire whether there are any Light Presences
wishing to offer insights into death passage.  The following Beautiful Beings
communicate brief glimpses:
Sush’Al’Mundra (She Who Lights the World, see: Spirit
Walk with a Soul Passage Midwife who brings the soul to the Universal Bee Hive.  The
Great Mother infuses the Light within the Hive.  The sound of the bees is the frequency
that prepares the consciousness for the great change.  Souls know to listen for this sound.
The “transference of consciousness” takes place within the Hive.
White Eagle
Invite Wolf Spirit to carry the soul safely across the threshold.  The Wolf Spirit holds the
soul as a protectress so the soul can move swiftly within a quiet, loving container.
Wolf Spirit goes directly to the Great Clan that calls.  When the white feather appears in
the sky, the Earth Clan knows that the soul has safely arrived in the Spirit World.

Butterfly Maiden
Surround the soul with many layers of Love to melt away the encrusted difficulties of
mundane life.  Hold fast to the vision of complete transformation form chrysalis to
butterfly flying free.  This transformation of all souls releases anything holding them
back be it belief, emotion or physical pain.
Archangel Jophiel
When making a transition, keep Radiant Beauty before you at all times by focusing on
your heart center.  Imagine all of the Angels of Light streaming into your heart each
bringing a portion of the True Essence of Love to share with you.  As you feel this
enormous Love it automatically expands outward and you become present in a higher
reality.  When you find yourself there, believe it is true.  All the Beings of Light are there
to help you.  When it is time for the “transference of consciousness” focus on the being
for whom you feel the greatest love.  This being will assist you.  If you prefer, you can
continue to focus on Love as the Eternal Essence and the beauty inherent in this

Archangel Sandalphon
“Reveal to thyself thy deepest prayer.”
Death passage is a journey inward navigating through the multitude of layers to the core
of who you truly are revealing your deepest prayer.  This is a beautiful process of
unfolding and a blessed time to meet one’s soul without all the trappings of earthly
expectations and encumbrances.  The purity of the True meeting cannot be demeaned in
any way.  When one goes forward in this Truth the unveiling of the heavens is Radiance

Archangel Raziel
Look to the dream state to instruct you in the ways of the heavens.  Your consciousness is
connected with all eternity and receives with gladness such messages.  This is a very
useful tool because the human mind is filled with misguided information so we must go
directly to consciousness.  All beings are able to be present in consciousness so are able
to readily understand instruction given in this format.  The appropriate level is
automatically attuned.
Archangel Gabrielle
Gentleness through eternity comes with awareness.  All beings crossing the veil begin to
hear subtle talking for it is the nature of the higher realms.  The magnificence
inherent in the delicate fibers of subtle language brings Eternity to one’s door.  Listen for
subtle tones to guide your way.  Turn always towards the pulsing of gentleness.
Harken only to the voice of peaceful ways as the eyes of a doe in the field or the song of
the dove at sunset.
Archangel Haniel
Rare is the soul who embraces flight without the encumbrance of fear.  Yet, when Truth
emerges it brings powerful transformation.  Use Truth to emblazon your path.
Archangel Cassiel
Merging with Love can only bring beauty and joy.  Sing with your heart; listen with your
heart; watch with your heart.  Release all preconceived ideas about what the journey is
and become one with each and every moment.
Techniques from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Soygal Rinpoche has given a beautiful gift of deep wisdom from the Tibetan culture
regarding death passage.  The spiritual techniques shared are profound and very
accessible.  He remarks: “Even Buddha died. His death was his teaching, to shock the
naïve, the indolent and complacent, to wake up to the truth that everything in the universe
is impermanent and death an inescapable fact of life.  As he was approaching death, the
Buddha said:

Of all footprints
That of the elephant is supreme;
Of all mindfulness meditations
That on death is supreme.”

Having used this practice for nearly every soul I have been privileged to walk across the
veil, I can say that it is incredibly powerful and most welcomed.  Set the intention and
breathe in deeply all difficulties of the person crossing.  Give freely and abundantly all
joy, peace and happiness when breathing out.  The difficulties are transmuted in the
process so there is no worry of taking on someone else’s challenges.   Rinpoche describes
the process as following: “This is a practice of giving and receiving.  We take on, through
compassion, all of the various mental and physical sufferings and give the person dying,
through love, all of our happiness, and well-being, peace of mind, healing and
This practice sounds exceedingly simple.  The key is to be at the center point when
breathing in and out.  There is no attachment to the person, the soul, the problems, the
joy.  We live in an abundant universe where all is cared for and each challenge is
transmuted for the highest good.  Tonglen is very helpful and powerful.
Transference of Consciousness
I have found Spiritual Beings available to serve in bringing forth the “Transference of
Consciousness” at the appropriate timing and I have used this in thought when trying to
explain soul passage to someone who is having difficulty passing.  The soul crossing is to
visualize a Master or Saint then merge with that beings consciousness.  Earlier in the
book I mentioned this when Pricilla was having a difficult time leaving her body.  She
was not able to leave envisioning the Christ but was able to leave when she envisioned
herself as a star merging with another star.  Often there is time to converse telepathically
with the soul crossing so the Soul Passage Midwife can suggest various techniques to
find what works.  When I “thought” about this technique with Gabrielle, the Christ
appeared immediately and placed within her the “peace which passeth all understanding.”
Her suffering was immediately transmuted.  It appears we can think of this technique as a
calling on Saints and Masters who will then do what is necessary in the moment.  The
Tibetan Monks undoubtedly have deeper abilities with this technique yet to soften the
passage of another, having an elementary grasp on its use is truly a gift.
The spiritual techniques given in this chapter are few and simple yet within the reach of
all people helping someone across the threshold.  Spirit stands ever ready to assist so do
not be afraid to try.  There is much joy in the universe as we take this step of participating
in assisting another’s spiritual wellbeing.

We are each day, each moment, learning to die:  to dissolve into the ocean of pure being.
Who Dies?, Stephen Levine
C H A P T E R    E I G H T
P  E  R  S  O  N  A  L    A  P  P  L  I  C  A  T  I  O  N
Personal application for Soul Passage Midwifery is a quiet, subtle work of removing
resistances and opening the heart through continuously softening.  This is a humble work.
Spirit advises and directs.  Souls work harmoniously with other souls within the
symphony of the great All.   We do not leave our bodies; rather, we expand until
everything is happening within our sphere of awareness.  Energy can be sent anywhere
within this sphere.  We are in our bodies and in the expanded realms simultaneously.
This is a state of being rather than a state of going out and doing.   We quiet our thoughts.
We quiet our needs.  We quiet our judgments.  Love is everywhere in an unbounded state.
We are in service to Love expressing joy.

Like a continuous spiral of expansion, life here and life in the heavens move in a
continuous direction seeking ever new awareness.  Within each process there is more to
learn.  A foot in each world, our awareness is continuously weaving them together.  We
are fluent in each, attached to neither, holding each with equanimity.
Opening to Soul Passage Midwifery is a study of a different nature.  There are no time
tables.  One can work with and travel into the Unseen Realms with a Soul Passage
Midwife or souls interested can begin at home by practicing the awareness’s presented in
the preceding pages.  Divine Forces are ever ready to assist so there is every reason to
begin now.  Beings in the Expanded World are extremely accessible.  It is as if we are
best friends and no request is too much. We work together harmoniously and lovingly as
a part of one cosmos.  If there is only time for one practice invite Spiritual assistance in
whatever way you feel comfortable, invite your own soul and sing from the deepest part
of your heart.
Using sacred practices helps one to come to center to be energetically in alignment for a
soul crossing.  From this center point we can give generously to our loved one who is
crossing and our families without moving out of alignment ourselves.  Once we have
established the energetic connection, we are able to be with our loved ones and others in
person or long distance.

Creating sacred awareness involves expressive physical elements including Sacred Space,
Active Altar, Prayer Basket, Song and Journal.  Jean Houston tells us:

Since you and your beloved are partnering creation,
it is essential that you have an expressive form.

Creating the sacred space becomes an expressive form vital for the Soul Passage
Midwife.  This is the place where the Midwife and soul come together to work with
focused intension on behalf of another.  Candles, incense, essential oils, and tones all
evoke warmth as well as purifying the energy in the space.  The quality of peace is the
environment that helps calm the emotions, as well as clearing the mind and allowing
Spirit to be heard.  Choose a space that has a door which can be closed so if someone is
passing and one has to leave, the peaceful support remains in tact and can be reentered
quickly upon return.
An Active Altar is one which is used daily to invite Spirit to be with us in our work.
Create an Active Altar at the home/work space of the Soul Passage Midwife as well as at
the bedside of the transitioning soul.
An Active Altar at the home/work space of the Soul Passage Midwife is imperative.  This
is an “expressive” element letting Spirit know that one is seriously committed to this
practice.  Place items on this altar which support high vibration such as crystals, flowers,
essential oils and sacred objects.  Keep it pure and beautiful.  Making a long burning
living candle out of a glass or crystal cylindrical container, a wick holder, string and olive
oil keeps the flame burning all night without the worry of a cat tail brushing the fire.  One
can add any desired essential oil to help purify.  Frankincense is a good choice.  This
sacred altar is the container for the work.
An Active Altar at the bedside holds the beautiful gift of outpouring love from family
members and friends.  There can be plants, teddy bears, sea shells, photos, cards, etc.;
anything which gives expression to the deep love for the departing soul.  Everyone from
the smallest child can place something of meaning on the Altar as many times as s/he
wishes.  If the family wishes to add a prayer basket, then a visitor can also write a deeply
meaningful prayer for the departing soul.  An Altar placed close to the bedside keeps the
beauty within eye range of the one transitioning.

The Prayer Basket provides a container for very sacred wishes from the Soul Passage
Midwife and from families.  This is an essential part of the work.  It can be a basket,
china, pottery, an abalone shell, something with a top or open depending on the wishes of
the person doing the work.
The Prayer Basket at the home/work space of the Soul Passage Midwife is used to place a
prayer for the departing soul.  As soon as the Midwife receives the name, the process
begins.  Go to the Altar, light a candle, call on Divine Forces, state the prayer including
the name, city, and state; write it on a prayer card to place in the Prayer Basket.  This
beautiful sacred object holds the radiant prayers offered at a profound moment. Also
place the flower essence Heather in the basket to assist the person transitioning to connect
with the soul.   Pray each day for all of the souls involved and make an individual card
for each soul.  Each day until the soul crosses the Soul Passage Midwife holds the highest
thoughts and prayers for the family.  This is helping to energetically build the bridge of
eternity so that when the time is at hand the soul will pass gently.    These prayers need to
be burned in sacred ceremony following the transition.
A prayer basket at the bedside allows family and friends to quietly write their wishes for
the transitioning soul.  These deep prayers go with the departing soul as a sacred shawl
for the journey.    The Soul Passage Midwife oversees this aspect carefully knowing the
sacred significance.  Following the transition, the prayers are burned in sacred ceremony.
Singing is the key that unlocks the window in the heart connecting us energetically with
our soul, the soul of the one passing and Spirit.  The Unseen Realm comes alive with a
majesty that astounds.  Our role is to hold the vibration as clearly as we are able and to
assist as we are called.  Our souls are quite familiar with this process and we can trust
that they will do what is necessary or call whatever spiritual help is needed.  Joseph Rael
explains that singing and chanting are:
how we enter into the eternal now.  The energetic vibration of our voices bond us
to the spiritual light made of memory, and of now, and of future, for we are the
light of universal intelligence. As we chant the Universe speaks to us in
metaphorical images.

Often my songs start simply with a call to the soul crossing offering companionship at
this critical juncture.  There is no attachment here.  We go where we are called.  The soul
crossing will respond if s/he would like assistance in any way.  If not, I know I have
offered a beautiful prayer for a kindred spirit.  Perhaps that is all that is needed.
If the soul responds, then our conversation begins.  The commitment made stays in effect
until this particular soul crosses whether days, weeks, months or years.  If a soul is in
hospice, often it is a shorter term but there are occasions when that is not the case.
Traditional Songs, Hymns and Chants
These are musical compositions handed down through the ages which bring comfort to
the departing soul.  Often when there is agitation, this is the place to turn.  Sometimes
when agitation occurs everything is happening too fast for the transitioning soul and
hearing something familiar allows that soul to regroup.  The calming is obvious if this is
the correct theory.  If calming does not occur then something else is transpiring.
Contemporary Songs
Often loved ones know of contemporary songs which were favorites of the departing
soul.  These provide comfort and security and can be used particularly when the departing
soul does not desire songs religious in nature.
Improvisational Songs and Chants
Improvisational Songs and Chants provide great freedom for the Soul Passage Midwife to

transmit messages, comfort and inspire the transitioning soul.  This contact is essential
and allows for two way communication.  The thread that this approach weaves is
astounding.  I recommend that every Soul Passage Midwife become comfortable with
this process.  One can easily meet the constant change in awareness of the transitioning
soul as well as incorporating change the rhythm in response to the simultaneously
increasing vibration through the process.
The journal is an important aspect.  Record all that transpires to the best of your ability.
Over the long term, something that doesn’t make sense today will come into focus and
reveal a much deeper understanding.  This is the path towards gaining a greater
comprehension of the Great Beyond for humanity.
In the preceding chapters the discussion has focused on the Receptive Elements which
are critical to Soul Passage Midwifery.  Following is a brief summary to have all of the
elements in consolidated for quick reference.
Releasing, deepening, expanding
In preparing to expand, one is releasing all preconceived ideas and coming to a place of
intrigue inviting new awareness.  One is preparing to pray for another with deep love and
Interdimensional Communication
One focuses on both receptive and expressive language separately at first, then
simultaneously so one is open to hearing messages from Spirit while stating prayers
Creative Process
One is setting the intention for conscious awareness and making oneself available to
assist in any way possible.  Opening to creative process, one is listening, allowing,
unfolding and having a conversation.  As information is received, it is acknowledged.
The Soul Passage Midwife then asks another question for clarification or takes an action
based on the information shared.
Meditative Focus
One holds a meditative focus daily to help clear the mind and calm the emotions.  To
keep the thoughts from wandering, select a simple focus such as “I look with wonder,
awe and reverence to the Sustaining Presence of my life and all life.”  Use the ones
contained in this book or write several original ones to have ready.
Spiritual Techniques
Select “Holding the Presence” envisioning the nesting of Spirit and matter.  Holding
ourselves to the higher vibration, one does not let negative thoughts intrude.  As the
process proceeds, other techniques are brought into use as appropriate.
A good way to remember all of these receptive elements is to envision a five point star
with each process at a point of the star.  This is helpful when working because everything
moves so quickly that often there is no time to reference written material.
This process is a call to the Celestial Council of Light for assistance.  The Soul Passage
Midwife is a linking energy to invite the process.  The Celestial Council of Light
responds to calls to assist ALL souls.  The endeavor is not religion specific.  Working in
this way takes the soul directly to the higher celestial dimensions without the intrusion of
lower frequency discord.  The Soul Passage Midwife uses all of the techniques described,
calls on Divine Forces and uses intuition/improvisation to assist the soul transitioning.

1.  Purify the sacred space.
2.  Light a candle.
3.  Release all preconceived ideas regarding what is about to transpire.
Come to center point.
4.  Invite Divine Mother, angels, saints, ascended masters, etc. along with your
own soul to assist the transitioning soul in achieving a gentle crossing.

5.  Chant OM or other sacred chant.
6.  Offer a prayer for the soul transitioning, write and place on altar (including
name, address, and birth date).

7.  Place the flower essence Heather into the prayer basket with the name to help
the personality connect with the soul.
8.  Focus on 3rd eye.
9.  Breathe into the heart.
10.  Watch through the 3rd eye and listen for insights or instruction.
11.  Sing to the soul crossing while telepathically sending love and assistance.
12.  Respond to any requests from the soul crossing.
13.  Remain aware of receiving auditory, visual or kinesthetic information
14.  Energetically be aware of Holding the Presence.
15. While Holding the Presence, bring any additional technique simultaneously
into place.
16. Respond intuitively allowing Spirit to flow through, listening for
insights or instructions using creative process (listening, allowing, unfolding,

17. When complete, thank all for assistance, bless each.
18.  Blow out candle.

19. Record all that has transpired in journal.

In working with the energies of the Sacred Feminine we come to a place which is
different than we have traditionally been living on this planet.  What follows is not an
exhaustive listing but a basic awareness which helps each of us to hold a higher
perspective throughout the process of a soul passage.
The Sacred Feminine cares for all beings.  This means that in planning or allowing
energy to unfold, the wellbeing of each and every being involved is considered.  No one
is left out.  For a soul passage, all of the family is considered as well.  If there are actions
which we can take to lighten the burden, we do so.  We receive all, forgive all, allow all,
invite all and appreciate all.

The interplay between finite and Infinite is essential to all endeavors.  It is our task to
inquire about the Higher Perspective before making decisions.  This may, and often does,
radically alter the decisions made in a soul passage.  Usually this is a very fluid process
which happens intuitively.
The Sacred Feminine is non competitive.  All decisions are about the journey Home and
bringing everyone to higher dimensional thinking and being. If one sees something which
needs to be done, then the task belongs to that person regardless if s/he has already done
it fifty times.  There is no counting of good deeds.  Things are done because we love and
the soul transitioning has many needs simultaneously.

Unfolding from within is the cornerstone.  When we make decisions from this place we
are creating a work of the heart which is automatically inclusive and loving towards all
involved in a death passage including ourselves.

The rhythm of creation, preservation and dissolution moves like waves through our every
action.  There is a specific timing for each situation, each life and each death passage.
The theme of “ever becoming” pervades.  There are no mistakes really; rather there are
learning and unfolding.  Expanding consciousness is an eternal work.
Through each step of the process, one holds the perspective of honoring self and others.
Whether one contributes one stroke or 500 the gift counts.  We have no way of knowing
which gift is the glue which holds it all together.  No gift is too small at the time of a soul


I settle into meditation and send thoughts of love to my mother on her birthday.  This is a
ritual that I do annually.  Sometimes we connect, sometimes we do not but I know that
she receives my wishes.
On this day I am suddenly catapulted into a new awareness.  I am at the home of my
mother in the expanded world.  She and I are both thrilled to see each other as always.
As we are reveling in this moment I see a brilliant white light moving towards me.  While
I can’t quite make out who it is I feel the beautiful love streaming into my heart.  When I
can see the face I recognize it is my dad.  What a celebration.  We are all together for a
momentary reunion.
Very quickly many beings start running to see this visitor to their land in the sky.
Overcome with the thunderous noise of hundreds of running feet coming to see this
anomaly, I cannot hold the vibration so must leave.
As I reflect on this visit through the days to come I realize I feel a new interest in
weaving worlds from my parents.  They had never considered this before.  As “ever
becoming” continues to grow, the path that is taken will undoubtedly enrich and expand
all of our lives both here and in the Great Beyond!


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A B O U T    T H E   A U T H O R
Patricia L’Dara awakened to the spontaneous gift of Soul Passage Midwifery when her
mother passed in 1993.  Since that time she has walked many souls across the threshold.
She serves on the Board of Directors for the Anam Chara Home in Boulder, Colorado,
dedicated to conscious dying; and the Spirit Heart Sanctuary in Kapaa, Hawaii, dedicated
to conscious awakening.
Her passion for dance has spanned many years and is noted for her performing company,
Images in Motion.  This company focused on dancers with special needs who inspired
audiences in theaters and schools, for conferences and universities for 15 years.  Images
in Motion was showcased on NBC Nightly News, Parade Magazine, Channels 4, 7 and 9
special interest stories, appeared on Art for All in New York and performed for the
National Dance Association.  Patricia received the Colorado Dance Book Award from the
Colorado Dance Alliance and was the focus of a chapter in the book Unsung Heroes.
State and local grants from multiple sources helped form the financial foundation for this
In the early 1980’s Patricia was severely chemically poisoned while teaching at a
university in Texas.  Western medical diagnostic testing caused near death so Patricia
turned to alternative medicine. Through the use of sound therapy, mercury free dental
treatments, the unwavering love of the dancers in the performing company, and spiritual
practices, Patricia found her way to wholeness.  While she was deeply saddened to lose
her career in higher education, the profound teachings and spiritual awakening she has
experienced have far surpassed anything she thought possible.
Patricia holds an M.A from Texas Woman’s University and a B.A. from the University of
Maryland.  She is a trained BioAcoustic Research Associate in sound therapy.  Patricia
keeps a deep spiritual practice of Kriya Yoga and lives with her daughter in the high
mountains west of Boulder, Colorado.

patricia 7/31/12 6:06 PM