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Something in the water?

Something in the water?

Oil companies are not saying what chemicals are used in ‘fracking.’ An Assembly bill would change that.   Actor and director Mark Ruffalo, center, speaks at the Hydraulic Fracturing prevention press conference urging the protection of the drinking water at Foley Square on in New York City.         (D Dipasupil / Getty Images / April 25, […]

Hug a bee today!

Hug a bee today!

Bees partly loaded with pollen return to their hive. (Frank Rumpenhorst, AFP/Getty Images / May 6, 2011)   The buzzing swarms may seem scary, but we humans—and our vegetables and flowers—couldn’t get along without them By Sandy Banks   I’ve grown accustomed to the bugs that flit around my desk at home while I write. […]

1 Billion Hectares Have Been Planted With GM Crops - Half Of Total In US

1 Billion Hectares Have Been Planted With GM Crops – Half Of Total In US

Keep in mind that there’s a bit of stats tweaking going on here. ISAAA has calculated that total by adding together all areas of land cultivated with GM crops since their introduction in 1996. In 2009 current land under GM cultivation was 148 million hectares. Brazil saw the fastest increase in GM crop adoption last […]

Alfalfa on the run!

“…market calls for a supply of crops free of genetic engineering”

Genetifically Modified Alfalfa Officially On The Way by Barry Estabrook On Thursday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) had approved the unrestricted planting of genetically modified alfalfa sold by Monsanto Co. and Forge Genetics, despite protests from organic groups and public health advocates and comments from nearly 250,000 […]

Bee having stare off with toxins !

…. Agribusiness Disaster on the Horizon ~hint bzzzzz

Author: John DeCock Environmental Activist And Writer There’s no reason for concern about the mass death of bees through Colony Collapse Disorder. No reason at all unless you happen to be a plant who relies on pollination or a living being who is planning to sustain life by eating food. If you don’t fall into either […]

...Big Coal-Name Change For Mountaintop Removal/Strip Mining?

…Big Coal-Name Change For Mountaintop Removal/Strip Mining?

Minefields or Coalfields: Should Big Coal Change Name For Mountaintop Removal/Strip Mining? In a new episode of Big Coal Gone Wild last week, coal lobbyists announced their intentions to rebrand mountaintop removal mining as “mountaintop development.” For besieged residents living near mountaintop removal sites in Appalachia — and in the 20-odd states that allow strip-mining […]

Naomi Klein - Shock Doctrine author; Raps down the banking 'situation' !

Naomi Klein – Shock Doctrine author; Raps down the banking ‘situation’ !

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism One of the most important political and economic thinkers of our time, this Canadian journalist and author (The Shock Doctrine and No Logo) penetrates the veils of corporate globalization to expose transnational capital’s most ruthless strategies yet to exploit catastrophe from Baghdad to New Orleans. She portrays […]

Oil Covered Coral

Dead, dying coral found near BP spill called ‘smoking gun’

‘We have never seen anything like this,’ chief researcher says A close up of one of the impacted corals. A small amount of apparently living tissue on the tips of some branches is orange. Most of the skeleton is bare or covered by brown flocculent material. Scientists returning from an expedition off the Gulf Coast […]

'Gasland'  -  What the Frack!

‘Gasland’ – What the Frack!

About the film “The largest domestic natural gas drilling boom in history has swept across the United States. The Halliburton-developed drilling technology of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing has unlocked a “Saudia Arabia of natural gas” just beneath us. But is fracking safe? When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he […]

Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin on The Empathic Civilization

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. from our friends at by our friends at CognitveMedia

Put Solar Back on the White House!

Put Solar Back on the White House!

Dave Letterman thanks Bill McKibben, “…for scaring the crap out of me..” For the last three days, I’ve been sitting at my kitchen table in California cranking out press releases, calling reporters, and generally playing “pit crew” for Bill and our Put Solar On It road trip. It’s been a great ride: tens of thousands […]


6 Trillion Miles !

An international team of astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope reports a significant brightening of the emissions from Supernova 1987A. The results, which appear in this week’s Science magazine, are consistent with theoretical predictions about how supernovae interact with their immediate galactic environment. The team observed the supernova remnant in optical, ultraviolet, and near-infrared light. […]

Testing Way Down on Beach Waters!

Testing Way Down on Beach Waters!

Health testing way down at California beaches The monitoring is at its lowest level since becoming law more than a decade ago, putting swimmers, surfers and divers at greater risk of exposure to contaminated water, a Times investigation shows. By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times August 30, 2010 Health testing of California’s beaches has slumped […]

Toxic levels of oil found in gulf area crucial to fish!

Toxic levels of oil found in gulf area crucial to fish!

Toxic levels of oil found in gulf area crucial to fish Researchers describe ‘a constellation’ of oil droplets mixed with sediment. Phytoplankton, the base of the marine food web, is found to be in poor health nearby. “…feeling a toxic response to those waters…” By Sara Kennedy, McClatchy Newspapers August 18, 2010 St. Petersburg, Fla. […]

BP Spill: Catastrophe, Sure. Disaster?  Nah.

BP Spill: Catastrophe, Sure. Disaster? Nah.

BP Spill: Catastrophe, Sure. Disaster? Nah. Why hasn’t a single Gulf governor asked Obama to declare the spill a federal disaster? By Mac McClelland | Fri Aug. 13, 2010 Given the size and far-reaching devastation of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, you may have assumed that it qualifies as a federal disaster. Though you’d have […]