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Alfalfa on the run!

“…market calls for a supply of crops free of genetic engineering”

Genetifically Modified Alfalfa Officially On The Way by Barry Estabrook On Thursday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) had approved the unrestricted planting of genetically modified alfalfa sold by Monsanto Co. and Forge Genetics, despite protests from organic groups and public health advocates and comments from nearly 250,000 […]

Bee having stare off with toxins !

…. Agribusiness Disaster on the Horizon ~hint bzzzzz

Author: John DeCock Environmental Activist And Writer There’s no reason for concern about the mass death of bees through Colony Collapse Disorder. No reason at all unless you happen to be a plant who relies on pollination or a living being who is planning to sustain life by eating food. If you don’t fall into either […]