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Kuthumi Channel: “Leaping into the New Energy”


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This is channeled by Sarah Biermann from the Ascended Master known as Kuthumi.

I have to admit, I have avoided Kuthumi. It seemed to me that his energy was just a little too silly! Recently, I have been embracing more of my own silliness. When I sat down to write about the New Energy for the Newsletter, I asked for some help.


To my great surprise, up pops Kuthumi, as full of nonsense, humor and wisdom as ever! He told me that he had been waiting for me to be ready to channel him. “It took you long enough to love your comedian part and so to love mine. For a long time you wanted to be more serious. Even though you told people not to be. Ha ha!”


Kuthumi talks about the leap we made from the Old Energy to the New Energy and what has happened since then. He also guides you through a process to ease the transition.


I hope that you enjoy it!

Sarah Biermann

When you are finished listening to the above interview, if you would like more information just click on the image!

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